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Walkthrough: Developing on the Neo blockchain using BSN

Build applications on Neo with simple development and deployment.

Neo has recently partnered with the Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN) — a global infrastructure aimed at building a digital economy by providing a low-cost platform for blockchain projects and companies alike. As one of the first public blockchains supported by the network, developers could now get access to the Neo blockchain via BSN global public city nodes and portals for a simpler development and deployment experience with lower costs. On the other hand, developers would also get access to other data and services based on the BSN with more integrations of on-chain and off-chain functionalities.

Let’s now walk through the steps to develop on the Neo blockchain via BSN:

1. Proceed to the BSN Global official website, create and log in to your account.

Follow the link in the activation email, set a password and then activate your account.

You can now log in:

2. Go to the control panel after logging in, and select “Permissionless Services”.

BSN currently offers 3 global public city nodes (namely Hong Kong, California and Paris), all integrated with the Neo blockchain (both MainNet and TestNet). Please choose a node you prefer and select the plan that suits you need.

After confirmation, you could see the assigned PCN in the Permissionless Services list. (We selected California in this case)

3. Next, click on “Create New Project” and enter a project name, then you could see “Choose the Chain” selection box, you may choose either Neo MainNet or TestNet here.

Upon clicking on “Create Project”, a new project based on the Neo blockchain will be successfully created. You could see the detailed information such as Project ID, Project Key and Access Address from the Project List.

4. Next, we will need to request for an address generated in BSN in order to get access to the node where our project has been created.

Request header needs to include x-api-key where value=Project Key

Request URL = Access Address

Request body = Neo RPC request format

More information: RPC Docs

Taking “Postman” as an example:

All APIs provided by Neo RPC can be accessed in similar ways, and the original data format will be returned.

That’s all! Just some simple setups without needing to operate a node on your own. Starting building on Neo now!

Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

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