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Update to NEO Tracker Sites

March 8, 2022

Hello NEO Tracker users. We appreciate your use of our blockchain explorer and web wallet over the last 4+ years. It has been a great ride working with the Neo community. It is with a heavy heart that we announce Legacy NEO Tracker ( as you know it will be disabled beginning March 22, 2022. We plan to give users the ability to view and download their private access information for a period of time after March 22. You will not be able to use the blockchain explorer or make any transactions.

We will also take down and our TestNet versions — and These sites will be taken down by the end of this week.

What You Need to Do

Simply make sure you have your wallet information saved and secured before NEO Tracker goes offline. You will be able to access your funds using another NEO wallet with the same access information you used to unlock your NEO Tracker wallet. Your funds are not stored in NEO tracker, they are stored on the blockchain.

To find your wallet access/unlock information you will need to unlock your wallet and scroll to the very bottom. There you will find your Private Key, Keystore File (contains your Encrypted Key) and your Paper Wallet.

If you do not remember your password you can also reset it once your wallet is unlocked. You can do this by scrolling back to the top of your wallet, select Menu> Change Password. Then you can change your password and download your new Keystore File. Note, when you change your password it does create a new Encrypted Key, which can be found inside of your Keystore File. Your Private Key will remain the same.

How Can you Access your Funds

Remember NEO Tracker does not store your funds, they are stored on the blockchain. You can access your wallet and funds using any of the Neo wallet platforms. For example, NEON wallet. You can find a list of wallets on the Neo website. Just make sure you toggle to the correct chain, Legacy or N3. To access your funds using another wallet platform, like NEON, you can import your wallet with your Private Key or Encrypted Key and Password.

N3 Migration

If you still use to access your funds that means you have Legacy NEO. There is still time to migrate your tokens to N3. You can not do this using NEO Tracker. Find out how to migrate your tokens here.


If you have any questions please reach out via NEO Tracker Twitter for support. Please allow 48–72 hrs for reply. For questions regarding Neo or other Neo wallets please reach out via the Neo Smart Economy Discord channel or another support avenue.

Thank you,
NEO Tracker Team



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