Diversify Your Stock Portfolio with Graph Analytics

Learn how you can use correlation between stock prices to infer a similarity network between stocks — and then use that network information to help you diversify your portfolio

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash
Graph model schema. Image by the author.
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomasonjo/blog-datasets/main/stocks/stock_prices.csv" as row
MERGE (s:Stock{name:row.Name})
CREATE (s)-[:TRADING_DAY]->(:StockTradingDay{date: date(row.Date), close:toFloat(row.Close), volume: toFloat(row.Volume)});
MATCH (s:Stock)-[:TRADING_DAY]->(day)
WITH s, day
ORDER BY day.date ASC
WITH s, collect(day) as nodes, collect(day.close) as closes
SET s.close_array = closes
WITH nodes
CALL apoc.nodes.link(nodes, 'NEXT_DAY')
RETURN distinct 'done' AS result
Linked list between trading days for a single stock. Image by the author.

Inferring relationships based on the correlation coefficient

We will use the Pearson similarity as the correlation metric. The authors of the above-mentioned research paper use more sophisticated correlation metrics, but that is beyond the scope of this blog post.

MATCH (s:Stock)
WITH {item:id(s), weights: s.close_array} AS stockData
WITH collect(stockData) AS input
CALL gds.alpha.similarity.pearson.write({
data: input,
topK: 3,
similarityCutoff: 0.2
YIELD nodes, similarityPairs
RETURN nodes, similarityPairs
A subgraph of the inferred similarity network between stock tickers. Image by the author.
CALL gds.louvain.write({
Network visualization of stock similarity community structure. Image by the author.
MATCH (s:Stock)-[:TRADING_DAY]->(day)
CALL apoc.create.addLabels( day, [s.name]) YIELD node
RETURN distinct 'done'
MATCH (s:Stock)-[:TRADING_DAY]->(day)
WHERE NOT ()-[:NEXT_DAY]->(day)
MATCH p=(day)-[:NEXT_DAY*0..]->(next_day)
SET next_day.index = length(p)
MATCH (s:Stock)
CALL apoc.math.regr(s.name, 'close', 'index') YIELD slope
SET s.slope = slope;
MATCH (s:Stock)
WITH s.louvain AS community, s.slope AS slope, s.name AS ticker
RETURN community, collect(ticker)[..3] as potential_investments


This is not financial advice — do your own research before investing. Even so, in this blog post, I only looked at a 90-day window for NASDAQ-100 stocks, where the markets were doing well, so the results might not be that great in diversifying your risk.



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