GraphHackers, Let’s Unite to Help Save the World — Graphs4Good 2020

Karin Wolok
Mar 20 · 4 min read

During these times of uncertainty and solidarity, a lot of courageous heroes in our society have stepped up. From healthcare professionals caring for sick patients to the hard-working individuals working overtime delivering groceries, people are taking on a role in supporting our society when we need it the most.

These selfless people inspire us and we want them to know that we’re in this together. It’s time for us as a community to collaborate and do something positive.

So — we invite you to join us and the global development community in an effort to unite our skills and bring some good to our world. ❤❤

Let’s hack for good, together.

Image source: CNN Money

About Graphs4Good (GraphHack) 2020

WHAT: any project that has a positive goal and can help others, qualifies. ❤

WHERE: virtually, of course!
Here’s the overview from the Graphs4Good Project Kick-Off Session from Friday, March 27th.

WHEN: the world needs us since… yesterday — so, you can start now! We’ll host a showcase of the projects as part of Global Graph Celebration Day 2020 on April 15th (birthday of Leonhard Euler, inventor of graph theory). More info below.

WHY: because the world needs us!

HOW: hack solo or in collaboration with others in the community (friends or ‘strangers’). You can either:
1) start a new project
2) find a project to contribute to.
More info on the two options in next two sections below.

Have an Idea for a Project?

To get your project started:

If you’re open to collaborators, you should also:

  • Enable issues, discussions, wiki
  • Add existing dataset/code (if you already have something)
  • Optional: create tickets (issues) with “help-wanted” label

Want to Find a Project to Contribute To?

Graphs4Good Project Showcase

On April 15th, (the birthday of the inventor of Graph Theory, Leonhard Euler), we (Neo4j staff) will create a couple of options for contributors to showcase their projects and work.

These are just opportunities to spread the word to the world on what you’ve built, you’re welcome to take any, all, or none of the suggestions. :D

More details will come to you via email (just make sure you register yourself as a hacker!).

Register for the GraphHack for Updates

Some Ideas

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