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Michael Hunger
Neo4j Developer Blog
2 min readOct 12, 2018


The developer relations team is excited to launch the “Graph Gallery”, a new Graph App for Neo4j Desktop. It allows you to browse and search Graph Examples (also known as Graph Gists) provided by the Neo4j Community across a variety of use cases and industries.

With a single click, you can launch any of those examples as a Browser Guide in the Neo4j Browser of your currently running database. There you can, step by step, insert the graph data and run the queries of the example and learn more about the use case and how people use Neo4j to solve problems.

Thanks a lot to Cristina Escalante and Alisson Patricio from our partner SilverLogic for building the app. We are enormously grateful to all the Neo4j Community Contributors that created Graph Examples over the years either as part of challenges or just through their willingness to help and share their experience.


  1. Go to the Apps Tab
  2. Enter as Package URL:
  3. Press “Install”
  4. Add the graph-app to your projects.

How to use it

Make sure that you have a running empty database created in Neo4j Desktop.

After launching the app you can browse the examples or search for certain keywords or authors, then look through the results and choose one you like. Hit the “Play as a Browser Guide” button to launch the example as a guide in your Neo4j Web Browser.

We recorded a short video that also demos the installation and usage of the Graph App

In December we plan to run another competition for graph examples, and this time you’ll know that your contributions will not just win you prizes but also appear in the Graph Gallery on every Neo4j user’s desktop.

Please let us know what you think and report back your experiences. If you run into any issue, please raise them here on GitHub, and feel free to fork the project to build your own Graph App.

In the next weeks we will present more graph apps from Neo4j partners and employees and how they were built to show you how easy it is to start Graph App development.

Have fun exploring

Michael for the Developer Relations Team



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