So, you want to become a Neo4j Ninja?

Karin Wolok
Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Skilled. Focused. Agile…. Become a Master of Graphs

We implemented a program to put our Neo4j Certified Developers in intense training to become Neo4j Ninjas.

This is the plan to get you there:

Qualifications and Tasks:

To participate, you must first be a Neo4j Certified Developer. Not certified yet? Get your certification here (it’s free and you can take it as many times as you need)

Neo4j certified practitioners need to bring their teachings and knowledge of technique, strategy, and skills to young warriors. Every week, you must answer 1 technical question on the Neo4j community site. Your contributions will be calculated on a monthly basis and you will be rewarded highly for your efforts.
You can track your weekly progress on the Ninjas Leaderboard.

Strength Training & Rewards:

For each month that you maintain weekly participation, you will have access to an exclusive, advanced-training (or lecture) presented in an interactive format. Teachings will be given by Neo4j Masters (from the Neo4j Field Engineering and Professional Services teams). You will also be granted the ability to vote on your desired future content for the following month.

Ninjas, please note: for access to each session, you must maintain weekly participation for the corresponding month before it.

As part of the Neo4j Ninja program, quarterly, we will provide feedback and AMA-sessions (ask-me-anything) with one of the senior members of the product and engineering teams.

The qualification for this requires long journeys through the mountains and tests of great fortitude and endurance!

Ninjas, please note: In order to be granted access to a quarterly meeting, you must maintain weekly participation for the 3-consecutive months before each that meeting.

Certified Neo4j Ninjas who maintain weekly participation will also be given exclusive access to the private Ecosystem Summit event at GraphConnect.

We’ll also be providing swag along the way for Ninjas with 3-6 months of consistent contributions.

Ready for the challenge?

Request to join the Neo4j Ninjas group on the Neo4j community site.
You can track your weekly progress on the Neo4j Ninjas Leaderboard.

** Please note: you must be a Neo4j Certified Professional to become a Ninja. If you are already certified, your membership will be granted automatically (the system checks for your certification based on your associated email address).

If you’re not a Neo4j Certified Professional yet, take the Neo4j Certification exam. It takes about 1-hour and is totally free.

Once you’re approved into the program, you’ll be prompted with a message in your Neo4j community site inbox with more instructions.

Good luck and be well!

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