Jeep Kongdechakul

Thai illustrator and designer extraordinaire

Jeep Kongdechakul is a 29 year old illustrator and designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. She applies her handmade, charming style to illustration, design, printmaking, pattern and fabric design, and even shoe design. She meticulously documents her world and infuses her work with cute, pop culture elements.

After graduating from Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts program, Jeep went on to design for fashion brands such as Flynow III. She also illustrated and worked as a columnist for street fashion magazine Cheeze.

Wildly prolific, she also designs the Ballet Shoes Since 1959 line of shoes, teaches at Silpakorn University, and founded her own studio/art school The Factory.

Her work is filled with detail and tiny, scribbled notes. Drawing from travels, fashion, everyday objects, products, insects, and food, Jeep’s sketches and patterns render everything she comes across in delicate lines and whimsical colors.

“Art is everywhere. It’s just up to you to pay attention to it.” — Jeep Kongdechakul

Her work translates easily to fabric design. Many of her patterns live beyond the paper sketch, shaped into puffy stuffed dolls, pillows, chairs, scarves and bags. “There’s more value to the products when it allows people to enjoy the art more than if it’s just drawn on paper.”

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Contributor, Videography, and Photography: Jia Li

Originally published at on September 26, 2015.

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