Lee KiTaek

Surrealist photography from South Korea

Lee KiTaek transforms the image of an ordinary residential complex into a South Korean adaptation of the legendary Gulliver’s Travels. “Giant Jumping the Wall”, as the image is called, is still one of Lee KiTaek’s favorite and most well-known photographic works.

While still in his second year of studying industrial design at Yeungnam University, Lee KiTaek first became inspired by the surrealist works of Swiss photographer Erik Johansson. Thus began his creative exploration into surreal photography, as well as his own personal exploration into the depths of his imagination.

Usually working in and around his neighborhood, Lee KiTaek uses only a tripod and a cell phone camera to capture his images, which are then processed and manipulated in Photoshop. He often appears in his own works, further giving his images the feel and texture of an ordinary photo one might find from social media. However, his surrealist themes and quirky storytelling make these images anything but ordinary.

KiTaek always likes to stay curious and tends to fill his spare time with traveling and photography. He uses drawing as a way to record his spontaneous thoughts. Viewing his work as a collaborative process, he often consults with friends for their creative input. Instead of seeking praise, he believes that learning from different perspectives and criticism are paths towards greater knowledge.

He has also recently started to experiment with making surrealist videos. Lee KiTaek hopes that his work can help others to expand their own imaginations.

Originally published at neocha.com on October 16, 2015.

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