Existence of a Cycle

No Existence without a Cycle.

Kieran D. Kelly
Oct 7 · 2 min read

It is traditionally believed that light does not experience time because light travels at c. However, this cannot be the case because without a cycle there is no existence.

Previously we discussed how every cycle-length is a combination of a fixed (λ-min) and a variable (λ-v) as shown in

Equation (12) _________ (λ-c)² = (λ-min)² + (λ-v)²

This equation tells us that the cycle-length (λc) and the wave-length (λv) are virtually identical if (λ-min) is a very tiny percentage of the total cycle-length. The table below gives a clearer picture.

This table shows that the cycle-length (λc) and the wave-length (λv) start to converge rapidly at speeds above 99.5% the speed of light. At these sorts of speeds, the cycle-length is virtually all wave-length and only a tiny percentage is associated with the oscillation-length (λu). This explains why all light always appears to be travelling at c; it is because these particles of light are in reality oscillating very very slowly.

Conversely, however, the faster something oscillates the slower it will move. Taking this idea to its natural limit means the existence of a maximum speed of oscillation (where u = c) where there can be no linear motion whatsoever.

The concept of a maximum speed of oscillation is in keeping with the concept of (T-min); because if (T-min) exists then (f-max) must also exist, such that

Equation (18) ____________ (f-max) = 1/(T-min)

Equation (19) ____________ (f-max) (λ-min) = c

In the next post, we will use this concept of (f-max) to explain and rectify the fundamental problem associated with Special Relativity…

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This is Post #4 in the series on NeoClassical Relativity Theory

NeoClassical Physics

Rewriting Modern Physics…

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NeoClassical Physics

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