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Using a Neo Dapp has Never Been Easier

Getting users to try your product is hard. Even more so, if your product is a decentralized application or game. But when your decentralized application (Dapp) makes users download a third-party wallet first, it becomes virtually impossible to get adoption. We set out to solve this with NeoLogin. Today, we are showing why NeoLogin is quickly seeing adoption within the Neo ecosystem.

Instead of explaining why NeoLogin is better than other wallets, we show it in the GIF below, where we buy something from the Neo Economy Store.

The Neo Economy Store is a Dapp, which means you can connect with your wallet and pay on the blockchain. Generally, that means that you have to open a third-party desktop application or a mobile wallet. However, that’s not the case here, because you can just use NeoLogin instead.

In this GIF, the user goes from arriving on the website to buying a mug and paying for it on the blockchain (using GAS), all in a few clicks. As shown, users don’t have to leave the store to make a purchase. They don’t have to scan QR-codes or connect a software wallet or plugin. Instead, users just log in to their account (a.k.a. their wallet) and confirm a transaction. It just works.

It has never been easier to connect to interact with the blockchain. With Neologin, you just log in and pay. This easy user experience allows Dapps to focus on conversion and onboarding users.

Neo Economy Store is the first party to realize this and integrate NeoLogin, so give Neologin a shot while buying some awesome Neo merch!

Many other integrations with Dapps and games on Neo are on their way. Eventually, a single NeoLogin account will give access to everything on the Neo blockchain. As we have said before, we aim to give Neo the easiest UX in blockchain. We are getting closer, step by step.

About us

A while ago, we set out to build a wallet-system that is far more user-friendly than existing solutions. We created NeoLogin, which achieves that purpose. It is a wallet that is built into Dapps across the Neo ecosystem and is non-custodial. It is login-based, which allow us to provide a user experience that feels natural to any user. At the moment, users still have to send tokens to their NeoLogin wallet. Soon however, they will be able to buy Neo and Gas inside NeoLogin itself. For the first time, this will enable users to use a Dapp instantly without any prior experiences with wallets or exchanges!




NeoLogin is the most convenient wallet for the Neo ecosystem. NeoLogin is easy to use (and integrate). For more info, see

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