Connect the Muppet Brand with the Audience

What do you think would be possible if you were given permission to pursue your dreams? If you have all the resources, time and energy and couldn’t fail, what would you do? What is it that you really, really, really want? What is the whisper in your heart that speaks and never seems to go away?

If the Muppets are purposed to make people’s dreams come true, and the audience needs to fulfil their destinies, what is the connection between them? You may think it’s the “Rainbow Connection,” which is true, but it is more specifically: “permission granted.”

The underlying mystical message in Kermit’s song is that you have permission to dream and permission to pursue. You will be able to find the Rainbow Connection!

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it’s done so far

Believing in your wish “on the morning star” does produce results as you have the vision to take action and pursue your dreams. When the Muppets are singing and dancing, expressing mischievous mayhem, and asking the deep questions, they give us permission to live life to the fullest. Their joy has a purpose and their joy has a leader. Kermit is the ultimate underdog. He doesn’t freeze in terror when overwhelming obstacles come his way, he does whatever is needed while being afraid. We love Kermit for his humble determination. He feels insecure in his ventures, and we see ourselves in him. We face the same fears, but Kermit has the strength to pull us to the top of the mountain. He might be a little green guy, but he has the vision. And we and the Muppets support the vision. When Kermit achieves that victory, we and the Muppets celebrate that accomplishment. When the Muppets win, we win too.

But lately we have seen the Muppets failing and we feel their loss too. We have seen their light diminish and we seem to have lost hope. But do not worry, where there was death in something, there will be a new rebirth. Just like the ashes of a Phoenix, the Muppets will rise again and burn hotter and brighter than ever before. The latter will be greater than the former. The rain will come again.

Let’s try to look at the Muppets as a physical product that a business wants to sell to a customer. In order for a successful purchase, the brand must fulfill a need or function that the customer requires. “I have some wood and nails, but I need to build something. I need tools: a hammer and saw.” So, If you want the audience to buy your product, give them what they want and help them discover what they need. Regarding the Muppets, the audience needs inspiration and permission to have their dreams realized. If you want someone to like you, give them something they desire. You then will have brand loyalty and repeat customers. You will end up with win-win situation. You will have a happy customer who will sing their songs and write their own stories.

The most recent Muppets television show was not unified in their vision of the brand. They didn’t recognize the nature of the audience either. They thought they were doing what Jim Henson ultimately wanted, which was to make the Muppets adult in nature. But we have learned a great lesson: Jim was wrong and that he didn’t know what he had in his hand. The breakdown of the show is a teachable moment, we have learned what NOT to do. And now comes the opportunity to do what is true to the Muppets’ nature and form. It’s time to light the lights and dream again. It’s time for another new show! We must not give up.

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How do you help someone discover what they’re destined to do? How do you help someone receive revelation of their identity? For more on this stay tuned for my next blog entry “Shadows of Substance.”

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