Neon’s Best of NAB 2015

Images selected by Neon Live of Sandra Gonzalez (Mashable), Mark DeBevoise (CBS Interactive), Jimmy Schaeffler (Carmel Group)

In the incredible whirlwind of drones, video, and cameras that is NAB, Neon had a phenomenal week. We saw a variety of interesting new products, we enjoyed the company of friends, old and new, and we debuted our live stream product, Neon Live, by selecting the top images from the NAB Show official live stream in real time.

Dolby Personalized Audio and Jigabot

Two of our favorite new products at NAB 2015 were Dolby’s Personalized Audio that gives listeners fine-grained control over the volume and quality of separate elements in an audio stream, and Jigabot’s AIMe Pro sensor-tracking robot that “aims the camera so you don’t have to.”

Polaroids at Parasol Up

Thanks to all who stopped by our evening at Parasol Up at the Wynn hotel last week. It’s always fun to have a chance to break out our old school analog Polaroid camera in our all-digital culture.

Shaun Flagg (Cox Media Group), Sam Coupe (Brightcove), Gus Elliott & Tim Gray (Silver Chalice), Meredith Kivett & Justin Sanford (Brightcove), Brad Williams (NTC ), Jeff Hosley (Neon)

Neon Live

Working with our partner Brightcove, we let Neon Live work its magic on the NAB Show live stream. Check out all of the top images selected by Neon Live from the live stream on Twitter at #NeonLive. Here are a few of our favorite moments from the show, selected in real time.

David Wertheimer, President, Digital at Fox Broadcasting Company

In the Social Media and the Business of Live Television session, David Wertheimer, President, Digital at Fox Broadcasting Company pointed out that as new types of media proliferate (see Meerkat, Periscope), it is key to think about how each can further the story you’re trying to tell and about how each can further the relationship of the audience with the content.

Morgan Spurlock on the Hövding “invisible bike helmet”

Morgan Spurlock shared thoughts relevant for creatives across domains during his conversation session. He urged the audience to “make everything you do accessible to as many people as possible.”

We’re also excited and humbled to announce that Neon Live was selected as one of the Best Products of NAB 2015 by Streaming Media. Read more about the award here and check out our video below.

The Neon team at NAB: Nicole Halmi, David Lea, Jeff Hosley, Sophie Lebrecht, Jenna Vickers
Sophie, our CEO, took a moment to share some thoughts on Neon Live at Brightcove’s booth at NAB.

Looking forward to NAB 2016!

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