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Neon Labs in Berlin: Join us at Dappcon and ETHBerlin

Neon Labs is heading to Berlin September 12–18 for Dappcon and ETHBerlin. If you’re an attending developer, student, or interested in learning and entering the Web3 space, please stop and say hello to the Neon team.

We’ll be at Dappcon from September 12 to 14 and ETHBerlin from September 16 to 18. Both events are great opportunities for the developer community in Berlin to meet with the Neon team and find new opportunities for collaboration. On the second night of Dappcon (September 13), we’ll also be hosting a Neon Party featuring drinks, talks, and a chill time.

Both Dappcon and ETHBerlin are conferences bringing together a passionate community of developers and Web3 enthusiasts in the pursuit of education, and creating opportunities for critical discussion and collaboration.

Event Details: Growing the Neon Ecosystem


Swing by the Neon booth to connect with the team and receive fun gifts. We’ll be giving away branded Neon shirts, bags, and caps. Two lucky booth visitors will also win tickets to Devcon Bogota in October and Ledgers.

Neon Party

Finish the second day of Dappcon at the Neon Party. On September 13th at 6:30 PM, the team has planned a party with an insightful keynote, drinks, and great conversation.

Semen Medvedev, a Neon Labs Software Engineer, will be hosting the keynote presentation. Make sure to attend as he’ll be covering Neon EVM’s role in unifying the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems.

Learn more about the Neon Party here and register using the code: neonfamily.


ETHBerlin will be your last chance to connect with the Neon Labs team in Berlin. From September 16 to 18, advisors and mentors from Neon Labs will be helping the developer community create cool new applications. For those that stop by, we’ve prepared a special T-shirt and gift box drop for recharging at the hackathon.

At both Dappcon and ETHBerlin you can expect:

  • Expert all-access: Talk to our team about business development and ask questions covering technical subjects. Our team will be happy to guide you through launching your own dApp on the Neon EVM.
  • Recruitment: Connect with Neon Labs, various start-ups, developer teams, or other attendees for a chance at a new job in Web3.
  • Gifts: Expect to receive branded T-shirts, gift boxes, a chance at prizes, and more from the team.

Join us in Berlin

We can’t wait to connect with you at Dappcon and ETHBerlin. Keep an eye out for Neon Labs and say hello to our team! For more information and live updates about the events, connect with us on Twitter and Discord. Lastly, remember to register for the Neon Party on September 13, 2022.

Let’s shape the future of Web3 and blockchain!



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