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Newsletter #13


🚧 Extending the Maximum Storage Unit
🆕 Migration to New Infrastructure
⏫ Updating Docs for Developers
🦪 UI for Governance
🎫 Events
👥 Growing the Team
✉️ Stay in Touch

Extending the Maximum Storage Unit

In Newsletter #12, we mentioned a migration to a new account structure to remove the 10MB storage limitation for smart contracts. We’re pleased to announce that migration is complete. Extending the maximum storage unit will enable the use of complex smart contracts that need to store and leverage large amounts of data.

You can view the storage migration results below!

Migrating to New Infrastructure

We’re building infrastructure for the Mainnet launch of Neon EVM. Updates to existing Devnet infrastructure are in progress to reflect what we have in place for Mainnet.

3 Reasons for Updated Infrastructure:

  • Validate Neon infrastructure functionality
  • Validate infrastructure is production-ready by evaluating Devnet performance
  • Unify infrastructure between Devnet and Mainnet

As part of an ongoing partnership, Halborn, a team of offensive security engineers, will conduct another security audit for infrastructure (DevSecOps) to ensure a secure experience on Neon EVM.

Updating Docs for Developers

Neon Labs will be initiating a series of changes to our docs for developers to get started using Neon EVM. Here are a few things you can expect with our new updates:

  • Improved structure. Expect a cleaner, easier-to-follow layout of all necessary information for developers.
  • New content. We’ll be adding further information about the tools you’ll need and some tips to start building your dApps on Neon EVM.
  • Easy guides. New guides and walkthroughs will be available with step-by-step instructions for successful and seamless development.

UI for Governance

We’re in the process of adopting Oyster UI for NEON governance, providing a user-friendly interface to all NEON token holders. In addition, we added functionality for NEON holders to vote with a portion of their tokens on key protocol governance matters.

Learn more at the Oyster UI GitHub.


Neon Labs is excited to take part in the Solana Hacker Houses in Barcelona (June 22–26, 2022) and Belgrade (July 2–6, 2022). Our team will be speaking on multiple days and will also be hosting the Neon Races, a new Dev-oriented hackathon with major prizes.

Developers taking part in the Neon Races will be challenged to come up with unique dApps (UI included) or fork an existing project. The challengers are mentored, guided, and assessed by our Senior Neon developers, the #Neoners.

The upcoming challenge is focused on Solidity development to further drive our mission of bringing together “the Best of Two Chains.” The events play a major role in the adoption of Neon EVM. They’re a critical channel that our team uses to attract more dApps to our EVM.

Growing the Team

Neon Labs keeps growing! We’re excited to welcome some new team members that will play essential roles in our continued growth and success, including:

  • Partnership Director
  • Events manager
  • Front end developer
  • VP of engineering

Neon is always looking for new talent. Take a look at our open positions, apply, and share the link here: Positions that we’re focused on filling include:

  • Grant Manager
  • Senior Research Engineer
  • Developers

Stay in Touch

Thanks for checking out the newsletter. Neon will be back with updates for the community. Stay connected with the team on Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, and Discord. If you have feedback regarding the newsletter, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In case you missed it, read our latest article on Precompiled Contracts in Neon.



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