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Newsletter #14 — July 21st, 2022


✅ Completed Migration to New Infrastructure
🦪 UI for Governance
🚰 Neon Faucet UI Progress
🆕 New in Neon Docs
🎫 Events
👥 Careers
✉️ Stay in Touch

Completed Migration to New Infrastructure

We’ve successfully completed the Neon EVM infrastructure migration within the Devnet environment. Our security partners, Halborn, have audited the changes and provided us with a security report. The team has reviewed the audit feedback and will take the appropriate steps to improve the security posture of our infrastructure ahead of Neon EVM Mainnet launch.

As we continue to monitor the impacts of the new infrastructure, we’ll be sure to share news about any issues or updates as they come up.

UI for Governance (DAO)

We’ve got Solana SPL Governance in place and have implemented some feature heavy add-ins. NEON holders will be allowed to 1) vote with tokens locked in vesting contracts and 2) vote with a portion of their locked tokens. The team has also adopted Oyster UI for the Neon Governance platform. Significant updates were made to our implementation of Oyster UI so that it would be compatible with the voting features brought on by our add-ins to Solana SPL governance.

We’re making steady progress on the governance launch and are now in the QA testing phase. Key features such as depositing and withdrawing tokens, proposing changes, and voting on changes are in place.

Neon Faucet UI Progress

The Neon Faucet is a Neon service that exists on devnet. It distributes small amounts of test tokens to a user’s Neon EVM wallet address upon request. The service allows Neon users to experiment and play around in the Neon devent and testnet ecosystem for free.

Neon Faucet was launched to production on July 18th, 2022. For more information on the service, check out our medium article here and the Neon Faucet documentation.

New in Neon Docs

We’ve made several changes to the Neon Docs, simplifying and adding sections to improve efficiency for developers. Check out what’s new:

Keep an eye out for more changes as we continue to make improvements and prioritize our users’ experience.


Neon is attending EthCC in Paris, we can’t wait to see you there. For those that are attending, we’ve set up a coworking space that will be open from 9AM — 9PM. Stop by to enjoy drinks and snacks while you relax or code. Additionally, we’ll be holding another NeonTalk. A Senior Developer on our team, Ivan Loboda, will be discussing Neon’s architecture & how to get started deploying a solidity or vyper smart contract.

Lastly, we participated in earlier this month and partnered with BCN Hack to host the first ever Neon Hackathon. Thank you to everyone that came out. Our CEO, Marina Guryeva, and COO, Konstantin Goldstein, enjoyed presenting to you all!

Growing the Team

We are hiring! Join Neon to help shape the future of blockchains and the web3.0 ecosystem. Positions that we’re focused on filling include:

  • Senior Rust Developer
  • Senior Solidity Developer
  • Grant Manager

For the full list of available roles, check out our career page here.

Stay in Touch

Thanks for checking out the newsletter. Neon will be back with updates for the community. Stay connected with the team on Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, and Discord. If you have feedback regarding the newsletter, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In case you missed it, read our latest article on The Neon Faucet: How to Get Tokens to Test your Neon dApp.



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