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Newsletter #15, August 11th, 2022


- Neon DAO Security Audit
- Neon EVM Platform Security Audit
- Neon EVM Stability Testing
- Migration to Trasactions V2
- The Graph Integration
- Events
- Careers
- Stay in Touch

Neon DAO Security Audit

As mentioned in Newsletter #12, we contracted Halborn and Ackee Blockchain to audit our governance solution for the Neon DAO. Product and user safety is a major focus at Neon Labs, so naturally we needed to double-check everything related to our governance approach. Both firms reviewed the SPL Governance Add-Ins we implemented, along with all associated smart contracts.

As an output of the Neon DAO audit, the team is working on addressing issues uncovered by both Halborn and Ackee.

Neon EVM Platform Security Audit

Security audits help keep our platform secure and our users safe. That’s why our products have been under a constant state of review by third parties for the last couple of months. In addition to the Neon DAO, the Neon EVM core platform is undergoing a security audit by Halborn. The auditing firm has prepared an initial draft report for the Neon EVM with preliminary findings. Using the report, the team has begun work to confirm and fix issues.

Neon EVM Stability Testing

Our engineers have launched a series of mainnet “readiness” tests using High-potential dApps. Testing focused on platform stability when running complex dApps, as well as performance monitoring under high workloads.

The HiPo dApps tested are some of the most popular Ethereum dApps covering DEXs, liquidity pools, borrowing/lending protocols, multichain wallets, and bridges.

Migration to Transactions V2

Creating a Solana-compatible EVM is an undertaking with countless challenges. One of the more complex hurdles is Solana’s network transmission size limit of 1280 bytes. This constraint makes it difficult for developers to create complex on-chain programs as the size limit restricts transactions to 35 account inputs.

The solution developed by the Solana team was Transactions V2. Transaction V2 introduces a new program that manages on-chain address lookup tables. It also adds a new transaction format that makes use of the lookup tables to load more accounts in a single transaction efficiently.

While conducting our stability and load testing using HiPo dApps we faced issues with large transaction sizes. These HiPo dApps tested are some of the most popular Ethereum dApps covering DEXs, liquidity pools, borrowing/lending protocols, multichain wallets, and bridges. It was critical that we enable these use cases and Neon’s migration to Transaction V2 was the answer.

For more information on Transactions V2, take a look at the Solana docs here.

The Graph Integration

Integration with The Graph protocol is underway to bring high-efficiency blockchain app querying to the Neon EVM. Our team will be running a Graph Node and will continue to build out tracing API services for usage by dApps on the Neon EVM.

The Graph is a popular indexing protocol used by many dApps to source on-chain data that is difficult to query directly. For more information on the protocol and how it works, take a look at The Graph docs here.


Our trip to South Korea was a big success. The team hosted workshops and a Neon Race at the Seoul Hacker House. We also made guest appearances at ETHSeoul and Korea Blockchain Week!

The winner of the Seoul Hacker House Neon Race, Heejin Lee, deployed a contract on the Neon EVM that checks the main functions of a proof-of-attendance-protocol (POAP) and created a UI to demonstrate the results. To reward his hard work, he was presented with tickets for Korea Blockchain Week. Congrats Heejin!

Lastly, thank you to everyone that stopped by our workshops and our Neon Race. We hope you enjoyed the events and learning from our team.

Stay tuned for updates on future events that we’ll be attending!


We are hiring! Join Neon to help shape the future of blockchains and the web3.0 ecosystem. Positions that we’re focused on filling include:

  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Senior Solidity Developer
  • Senior Rust Engineer

For the full list of available roles, check out our Careers page.

Stay In Touch

Keep up with the latest Neon developments by connecting with the team on Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, and Discord. If you have feedback regarding the newsletter, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In case you missed it, read our latest article discussing Pyth on the Neon EVM.



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