Cross-border sellers dealing with traditional marketplace challenges

Nowadays with the expansion of global e-commerce, the market for cross-border sellers is becoming more immense. Main marketplaces such as: Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay are the primary online shopping channels bringing together worldwide sellers and shoppers.

Everyone knows big marketplaces usually charge overwhelmingly.

On average the commission fees for Amazon is 20% — 30% percent, along with unfair practices by international transportation companies, the cost for cross-border business is extremely high for sellers. On the other hand, the process of overseas payment is long, along with third party participation, cross-border sellers are charged even higher. By using NeoPlace’s platform, marketplace fees would be only around 2%.

However it’s more than expensive. Cross-border sellers often found that selling through traditional marketplace channels is not as easy and safe to use.


There are always various requirements that limit seller’s freedom to do business, such as lack of understanding of global customer expectations or if disputes arise the sellers are usually the ones who bear the responsibility in most cases. These kind of situation put cross border sellers in a very weak position. In addition, some platforms have incompatible and ambiguous internal operations. This makes cross-border sellers business very unpredictable and inefficient.

Neoplace is build with the aim of seller protection through our platform, we give you the right and freedom to own your store, and let cross-border sellers use their creativity to build a dynamic online community, and provide sellers with benefits from all possible angles.


Under difficult times most merchants will try to localise their products to reach local customers and expand their customer base. They are fully aware that they have to deliver a nice deal in order to gain customer loyalty. However, traditional marketplaces have language barriers and foreign transaction fees which can prevent sellers from reaching further prospective customers.

By creating your own e-shop on blockchain and doing transaction with cryptocurrency, your product will be viewed and purchased by shoppers worldwide, without the limitation of communication and foreign exchange barriers. Sellers can enjoy the rapid business growth!


When doing business overseas, it is no doubt very tough to build trust between sellers and shoppers. At the same time, it is necessary for sellers to demonstrate that they are credible to their buyers. Cross-border sellers may find it hard to compete with shops that have false high ratings or counter false commentaries over “trustworthy” ones.

NeoPlace help sellers create their e-shop on the Blockchain, and make full use of peer-to-peer commentaries, reviews and ratings, making sure their reviews are all from actual customers who bought their products, and filter out fake customers.

Wrapping up

Although traditional marketplace platforms bring the necessary infrastructure for cross border sellers, they are not truly borderless. Marketplaces like Amazon are not favorable to sellers, their policies can be quite brutal in terms of operational and monetary regulations and their lack of seller support. Therefore, it becomes a huge barrier for small merchants, with relatively low sales volume and small margins (for both domestic and international markets) to compete with giant players.

As a genuine borderless platform for all e-commerce sellers, a solution for all their problems we have mentioned above, NeoPlace offers the best platform to reduce sellers’ cost, increase their worldwide customer base, and help them build a strong seller-buyer relationship.

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