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NEOPLY Joins ICON P-Rep Announcement

Hello, we are NEOPLY.
We are happy that NEOPLY will participate as ICON’s P-Rep, which has unlimited possibilities.

NEOPLY participates as a P-Rep and introduces the contents proposed to contribute to the ICON ecosystem. The contents of the proposal can also be found in the ICON forum below.

1. Proposal introduction (What)
NEOPLY has been interested and carrying out various projects in blockchain since 2017.
Currently, we have participated as a node operator in several chains such as EOS, TRON, Terra, IOST, and, striving for stable and transparent operation of the blockchain.
NEOPLY makes a proposal to become a P-Rep that can contribute to securing the network stability of ICON and revitalizing the community by utilizing various node operation experiences.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)
The ICON Project is a study of the connection between the community and the community as well as the connection of nodes in a specific blockchain or community, and was started with the aim of applying to the real world as well as the virtual currency world.
Our team did deeply agree with ICON’s goals and background and felt that the role of P-Rep is important to revitalize this ecosystem. We intend to operate the node stably, increase the connectivity of the ICON and contribute to the activation of the blockchain ecosystem by spreading various news of the ICON.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)
In the blockchain ecosystem, the stability, scalability, security, operation, maintenance, and collaboration capabilities of each node are more important than any other service. We will try to provide a stable ICON service environment as follows.

  • Continued discussion of node operational stability with other P-Reps
  • Always monitor to ensure that block creation does not fail
  • Establishing a failure response process by preparing a stand-by server
    In addition, NEOPLY will share the news of ICON through community channels and try to make many people interested in ICON. Our community channels can be found below.
    And we will working with other enterprises to draw attention ICON holders and prepare various activities to expand the ICON ecosystem.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)
NEOPLY will do as a P-Rep right after the proposal is announced.

  • 2020 Q3: ICON mainnet P-Rep registration and node operation stabilization
  • 2020 Q4: Activating the ICON community through the NEOPLY channel
  • 2021 ~: Seeking activities to expand the ICON ecosystem

[NEOPLY Official Community Channel]



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