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NEOPLY Joins IOST Node Ecosystem

Hello! We are NEOPLY who has announced that officially joins the IOST Node Ecosystem.

We are the investment arm of NEOWIZ, a top Korea-based listed game company with over 20 years of experience as a top video game & tech developer and publisher. NEOWIZ is listed on the KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) and its sales remarkably exceeded 210M USD in 2019.

As an investor, We focus on blockchain project discovery and incubation. We have invested in more than 10 fast-growing blockchain projects. We are now also developing & investing in DApps with Augmented Reality technology on blockchain.

Apart from being a forward-thinking and successful investor, We are also one of the most stable & largest block producers on EOS. We have gained years of node operation experience and strong community influence in Korea.

NEOPLY Joins IOST As A Partner Node

With a strong track record, we will further leverage our network to increase the influence of IOST, aiming to attract more developers and enthusiasts to participate in the IOST ecosystem.

Like Seongmin Ma, our Node Operation Team Lead commented:

“NEOPLY is very pleased to join IOST and explore unlimited possibilities together. We are Korea’s first startup accelerator with profound experiences in discovering successful startups & blockchains since 2017.

With the past rich experiences, we’re committed to building valuable DApps and providing technical support for DApp projects for the IOST ecosystem expansion.

In addition, we will deliver the news & content of IOST through multiple SNS channels to boost the unexplored possibilities and value of IOST. NEOPLY will also listen to the thoughts and opinions of the IOST community members and work together to create a stable and prosperous IOST ecosystem.

NEOPLY, as an IOST node, will provide a comprehensive service to the IOST ecosystem by leveraging the existing resources and creating bonds connecting developers, projects, media, wallets, and exchanges.”

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