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[Notice] nBlocks Wallet Update

Hello, we are NEOPLY. We are always grateful to the many users who use nBlocks Wallet.

NEOPLY, the operator of nBlocks Wallet, has acquired the ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’ certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to provide reliable services to customers.
In addition, in order to fulfill the obligations of virtual asset business operators as stipulated in the Act on the Reporting & Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information and related laws and regulations, which will take effect from September 25, we plan to update during September.

You can find more detailed updates below.

  • Date: September 23, 2021 (Thu)
  • Details:
    1) Addition of mobile phone identity verification process
    2) Addition of KYC verification process
    3) Charge fees when sending KLAY
    4) Changes to the privacy policy related to updates

1. Addition of phone identity verification

After the update to strengthen identity authentication, both existing and new users can use the service after going through the mobile phone identity authentication process once more.

2. Addition of KYC verification

In addition to the first identification process, an additional KYC (Customer Information Verification) process is required. After the update, existing and new users can use the features after completing authentication by entering KYC information (Choose one among resident registration card, driver’s license, or passport) when depositing and withdrawing virtual assets and using staking products.
If you apply for KYC review, our team will quickly check it and proceed with the review. If the screening result is unsuccessful, you can contact us through

※ KYC verification(certification) is a verification procedure to comply with KYC(customer information verification), anti-money laundering (AML), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations.

3. Charge fees about KLAY

The fee support policy for KLAY transfer, which was previously supported by the Klaytn DApp partnership, will be completely terminated as of July 31st. From August 1st to September 23rd, nBlocks Wallet provides temporary support for fees, and after the update, users will bear the fees when depositing and withdrawing Klay from the nBlocks wallet. However, when using staking products (staking/unstaking) fees will be fully supported by nBlocks Wallet as before.

In the case of KLAY fee, the corresponding fee for TokenTransfer is set according to the transaction fee policy of the Klaytn network.

About 0.000525 KLAY is generated, and about $0.0008 is generated depending on the market price of each exchange.
The fee formula is :
transaction fee = (total gas usage) x (gas unit price),
TxGasValueTransfer(gas required to transfer KLAY) = 21000
Gas unit price = 25 Gpeb (i.e. 25 x 10⁹ peb)
so It is calculated as 0.000525 KLAY = 21000 x 25 x 0.000000001.
More details can be found below.

4. Changes to the privacy policy related to updates

In accordance with the laws related to the Act on the Reporting & Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information, the privacy policy is changed as follows.

Article 1- 4. Additional provision of data for fulfillment of obligations under the laws of the Republic of Korea or other countries
Article 2- 2. Addition of customer confirmation records of each personal information processing and retention period
Article 3. (Consignment of Personal Information Processing) Addition
Article 4. (Creating items of personal information to be processed) Article number, item content change and OTP initialization addition
Article 5. (Procedures and Methods for Destruction of Personal Information) Change of Article Number and Items of Personal Information to Be Retained
Article 3. (Entrustment of Personal Information Processing) Change of Article Number in accordance with the addition

You can find more details about changes to our Privacy Policy below.

Shortcut to changes

NEOPLY always strives to create a service that nBlocks Wallet users can trust. If you have any questions regarding this update or about nBlocks Wallet, you can contact us via or via Telegram.



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