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First Surprise Box Party Swap!

Another memorable moment was made this week at NeoSwap as we conducted our first public Surprise Box Party.

We wrote an introductory article here to find out more about what these parties are. But the TLDR is they are pure swaps, 1 NFT for 1 NFT.

Check out another bit of history made:

This has been part of a lifelong journey for our CEO & Founder, Dr John Ennis, and as he remarked:

John actually minted the GIF as an NFT on Gamma to commemorate the occasion, (though it isn’t for sale… yet!). Maybe we can swap them in a Surprise Box Party, or is that too meta…?

We’re excited to add yet another party-type to NeoSwaps repertoire as we continue to develop fun and exciting new options for our users.

The response has been brilliant, the community love the parties and continues to give us excellent and helpful feedback.

The party was met with so much positive feedback we continued running them throughout the week, alternating between our traditional rooms and the surprise boxes. We continue to listen to your feedback and to continually iterate and improve, so please keep telling us! :)

As always, if you’d like to learn more, you can ask us any questions or reach out below:




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