History Made! The First AI-Proposed Trade by NeoSwap

Kieran Parker-Moroney
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1 min readJul 22, 2022
The first AI-Discovered trade by NeoSwap

Yesterday, 18th July 2022, the NeoSwap team and Twitter user @Purplesuede22 made history.

Check out the tweet here!

We were able to use our recommendation layer for the first time and propose a trade discovered entirely by AI which was accepted by all parties.

This trade is made all the more impressive by the fact it happened outside of our regular parties and involved items not previously seen by any of the participants.

Using data gathered from NeoSwap parties we are able to build out predictions for appealing trades between users who may or may not have previously interacted AND with items they may not have seen before.

@Purplesuede said of the trade

“So glad to be one of the first participants in this groundbreaking trade! If you haven’t tried out Neoswap NFT trading yet you’re missing out!”

This is just the beginning as we begin to test & propose more trades using our recommendation engine.

As our founder Dr. John Ennis says:

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