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Kieran Parker-Moroney
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3 min readMay 16, 2022

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GM Frens, Anons, Romans.

You may have seen NeoSwap on Stacks Twitter by now (if not, come follow us), or seen our mesmerising GIFs being shared like below:

But what is it?

You are seeing the future of commerce. Smarter barter. Neo-barter to be precise.

NeoSwap is a multi-item, multi-party NFT swap platform. You can bring any mix of NFTs and Stacks and get swapping.

You may end swapping & receiving:

  • only NFTs,
  • only tokens,
  • Tokens & NFTs

Right now NeoSwap is available on Stacks only, however, we will be coming to Ethereum, Solana and other chains to be announced! :)

So with that, where do you begin:

Step 1:

Connect with your Hiro wallet at the top right of the page, fill in your profile and add your email address (this is just to let you know when the smart-contract is ready to sign!)

Step 2:

Join the Room you have come for!

Step 3:

Select your NFTs you would be willing to trade.

Step 4:

Set your reserve prices on your NFTs

Click save & next!

Step 5:

You will see all the other NFTs people have brought to the room, select the ones you like!

And set your budget in the top right!!

Step 6:

Now you can bid on them- DON’T BE AFRAID to bid on them ALL, there is no way you can overspend, this is the cool part! Go have fun!

Now the magic happens!!

The NS Algorithm does its thing and will propose you a trade.

Step 7:

If you like it, we will create a smart contract for everyone to sign and the trades take place!

Here is the trade!

It is that simple.

It can seem intimidating at first, and there are a few concepts to wrap your head around when you are used to the standard peer-to-peer swaps, but as you can see, it is really simple to use once you’ve walked through it!

So come swap frens :)


We are hosting daily NeoSwap Parties accompanied by Twitter spaces.

Come join us below!






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