Introducing Surprise Box Parties!

Kieran Parker-Moroney
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2 min readAug 11, 2022

We are extremely excited to announce a whole new way to party with NeoSwap today.

Surprise Box Parties.

We named them this as, if you are familiar with our CEO’s backstory, the inspiration for NeoSwap came from John's father putting all their Christmas presents in a box with no names on them, letting the kids pick the presents and then trading them amongst each other to get what they wanted.

This is a bit of a novel twist on that concept, but a nod back to it nonetheless.

Surprise Box Parties are super simple.

Every NFT in there is essentially valued the same.

All you have to do is:

  • List NFTs you are willing to swap,
  • Then pick NFTs you would swap 1-for-1 with any of the NFTs you listed.
  • When we find the trade, you’ll receive one NFT in return for every NFT you give away

There isn’t a whole lot more to it frens!

A few important points to remember:

  • Every NFT is valued the same, so if you are bringing valuable items to the party, make sure to only select items you would be happy to swap 1-for-1 in return.
  • There is no bidding in these parties. These are pure swaps.
  • You must bring items to the room otherwise you won’t be able to be involved in any trade

That is it!

We are really excited to start bringing different types of parties to you.
If you have any other questions about how this works, feel free to hop into our Discord and we will answer them all!!



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