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Why Solana?

NeoSwap is expanding to Solana!

(Click on either link if you want to learn more about what NeoSwap is or how to use it).

From this week we are beginning active beta testing with a select group of early users before we look to stealth-launch a live product.

We continue to have amazing traction and support on Stacks, and our support for that ecosystem will not be going anywhere. In fact, we plan to roll all of our new features out to Stacks first. But NeoSwap’s technology is chain-agnostic and can function anywhere there are NFTs. So that begs the question that many have asked us- ‘why Solana?’. Why not Ethereum, or Tezos, or… (insert other blockchain here!).

We took this decision for a few reasons, not limited to, but including, the following:

There is no ‘right’ choice when it comes to these kinds of decisions and we’d like to stress our choice to go to Solana now is for positive reasons and not to exclude or diminish other places in the future.

We see a healthy and active ecosystem on Solana where we believe NeoSwap can actively add a huge amount of liquidity and value unlock.

On a final note…Call to Action

If you are active on Solana and want to be a tester or a partner, let us know!

You can reach out to me personally on Twitter here or in our Discord.

You can also contact the wider team below :)






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