Sangeeta Gurung

Jackson Heights, NY

Sangeeta came to the States in 1998 with her husband and their two kids. They have been running the restaurant for the past 5 years, using the small, cozy space to dish out warm smiles, and delicious, hot Nepali food.

“मलाई त आधा यता आधा उता भए जस्तो लाग्छ। हामी त जैले दोधारमा त हो! ठिकै छ, जन्मेपछि केही गर्नुपर्छ, आधा यता आधा उता दिउला नि।”

(“I feel half here and half there. People like us are always in a dilemma! It’s okay, I suppose. Being born, one has to do something for the world: we will give half here and half there!”)

“४१ बर्ष जस्तो त देखिनु हुन्न त?
“१६ बर्षमै बिहे भएर हो कि!”

(“You don’t look like you’re 41?”
“Maybe because I was married off at 16!”)