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Nepbot Joins Hands with Fusotao in a Strategic Partnership to Boost Stable Growth of the Appchain

Today, we’re delighted and proud to announce our strategic partnership with Fusotao, a DEX infrastructure that features seamless CEX-like user experience in a decentralised environment with trading privacy, minimal gas fees, and lower trading costs.

Nepbot X Fusotao

Nepbot, as an open source, NEAR-based discord bot, enables delegators and validators on Fusotao appchain to verify their on-chain identity in Discord servers and to build exclusive experiences for Fusotao validators and delegators. By building a concentric circle with contributors and a wider circle of regular members around them, our goal is to amplify the voice of contributors and better motivate other members to participate, moving from the outer circle to the inner circle.

With collaborative efforts, this partnership will boost strong community growth and further enhance the security of Fusotao appchain by encouraging delegations through co-marketing and incentivisation.

What comes next will be a series of campaigns that offers extra rewards for delegators and community members of both sides, starting from next week.

These campaigns are designed to incentivise $OCT holders to stake on the appchain, strengthening its stability and security. Simultaneously, we hope to increase the total amount of staked $OCT on Octopus Network and improve the stability and circulation of the Octopus Network. Furthermore, we aim to convey the core value of appchains and attract more attention from the public, thereby growing potential delegators and validators of Octopus Network, letting its tentacles extend beyond and reach out to more.

Nepbot will constantly push the boundaries of token-based experiences in the NEARverse, and work together with its partners toward the growth of the whole ecosystem.

Stay tuned! 💫

About Fusotao Protocol

Fusotao Protocol is a verification protocol for order-book based matching systems, using the paradigm of “execute off-chain, verify on-chain”. Founders can build their own DEXs based on Fusotao. Communities can earn rewards by trading on the DEXs or directly staking tokens for the DEXs backed by Fusotao Protocol to share transaction fees.

You can reach Fusotao here:

Website Twitter Github Telegram Discord YouTube

About Nepbot

Nepbot is an open-source Discord bot for NEP token-based community management, making it easy to set up token-gated channels, manage roles and launch exclusive NFTs for community members.

We’re permissionless and open to all Near communities. ****With intuitive commands and ensured security, it enables token-gated experiences for Discord communities in the NEAR ecosystem.

Discover new ways to interact, learn, and engage with your favorite people, content, and communities via Nepbot.

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