We have put it all together!🤩 Now you can download and use the Official NEPRIFinance Brand kits; Logo, Icon, Token Symbol, and Guidelines.

📃Brand Guideline

The brand guideline outlines useful tips on the best possible ways to use the NEPRI Finance brand assets. It shows you our best practices for using our branding materials. Did we miss anything? Email us hello@nepri.finance Let’s talk about it.


💲NEPRI Finance Token Symbol

NEPRI Token ($NEP) NEP tokens, or NEPRI tokens, are the native currency of NEPRI driving all of its features, products, and incentive structures.

$NEP Token

$NEP token will be a pure utility and governance token that powers…

NEPRI Finance is pleased to announce a partnership with BLAIZE, a software development company specialized in Blockchain and Smart Contracts, to provide smart contracts and Blockchain Development expertise and experience to NEPRI’s suite of DeFi products.

  • NEPRI Finance, a community-owned and based DeFi platform, announces partnership with BLAIZE, a software development company specialized in Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • BLAIZE is a software development company specialized in Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • BLAIZE will provide NEPRI Finance with expertise and experience in the development of its suite of DeFi products.

In the wake of the latest Robinhood & GameStop scandal, there has never been a more pressing need for a truly free and decentralized financial market. …


Dear Neprians,

We were excited to announce that the whitelisting for the NEPRI Private sale started last week. Because we get a huge influx of participants, we would like to point out the following to the community if you want to be eligible for the event. Those who do not meet the requirements can therefore miss this opportunity.

The whitelist form can be found here

Winner wallets are picked by additional support like spreading the word.

So let’s get started! In order to get a spot on the Whitelisting event, please complete these tasks.

  1. Follow NEPRI Finance on Twitter

xDai Stable Chain

The xDai chain is a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. The chain uses a unique dual-token model; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees, and STAKE is a governance token used to support the underlying POSDAO Proof-of-Stake consensus.

🌉 xDai Bridges provide the seamless ability to move tokens between chains using the unique TokenBridge Architecture. Tokens and arbitrary messages can also be passed across chains.

Blockchain technology is not without its limitations, specifically concerning the problem of interoperability and scalability, two problems that have stood in the way of blockchain technology’s evolution for many years now. Most new projects come into existence to solve some real-world problems using blockchain technology.

Polkadot came into existence to solve the problem of blockchain itself. Polkadot is (or rather intends to be) a blockchain that connects many blockchains. It is designed to solve some of the major problems that are preventing blockchain technology from reaching large-scale, real-world applications.

Why NEPRI Finance on Polkadot

Ethereum is congested and cost efficiency & scalability challenges are driving…

NEPRI Finance Protocol will target a 30% fixed annual yield on its stablecoin nYUSD — the highest fixed stablecoin rate to date.

NEPRI Finance Protocol will target a 30% fixed annual yield on its stablecoin nYUSD — the highest fixed stablecoin rate to date.

NEPRI Finance, with its low-volatility savings protocol, aims to achieve this 30% rate bypassing borrowers’ staking rewards onto lenders, instead of charging a borrowing rate. The borrowing cost equals the lost staking rewards.

In order to properly incentivize borrowing, NEPRI Finance will set up a NEP reward token emission algorithm whereby tokens over the target yield…

📢 Introducing the NEPRI Pioneers Ambassador Program: Building the Internet of Value leveraging DeFi 📢

🔥Do you have the thirst to tread through the Land of the DeFi and Open Finance in search of adventures and glory?

🔥Do you know how to deal with the challenges that the Tribe of Blockchain might throw at pioneers?

🔥Do you possess the mettle to educate others about how NEPRI is pushing DeFi to the masses and bringing it on the main streets?

Then, we want you as a NEPRI Pioneer!⚡️💥🔥💪

Are you ready for an opportunity of a lifetime? …

Transact and Chat — DeFi and Open Finance Community Web and Mobile App, with an encrypted secure messaging app.

The vision of NEPRI Community is to create the largest community-driven Open Finance and Decentralized Financial platform for payment, saving, borrowing, remittances, investment, learning, based on the principles of the passion economy and ownership economy, providing the opportunity to positively impact over 3.6 billion aspiring emerging market consumers and businesses who want and deserve access to quality and affordable financial services, in Africa and across Frontier and Developing Markets by building a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity.

The most simple and secure smart app and wallet for DeFi and Open Finance.

Chat, Store, Work, Learn, Save, Send, Lend, Borrow, Earn interest and invest.



What are the $NEP NFTs?

NEP Non-Fungible Tokens, will also take the ticker for $NEP, maybe and will likely be completely pointless outside of being cool and fun. Every $NEP NFT will be one of a kind. There may be similar ones in the collection but no 2 are exactly the same. Downstream, we’ve seen DeFi projects propose using NFTs as proof of liquidity in income streams & wrapped NFTs as loan representations. With almost every high-profile DeFi project experimenting in one way or another, the point is clear: DeFi is looking into NFTs. …


Holders of NEP tokens will benefit from loyalty benefits ranging from cashbacks on investments to priority in allocations.‌

Cashback Based on a user’s stake, they will receive a tiered cashback on the fee that is otherwise charged to the project. For example, suppose a person is staking 500,000 NEP tokens. He/she would qualify in tier 2 (T2) of the loyalty program, which gives 70% cashback on the platform fee.‌

Now suppose this person participates in a NEPRI Enterprise Token Offering or a Venture Risk Tokenized Bond with a $20,000 purchase, and the platform fee to the project (raising funds) is…

NEPRI Finance


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