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DeFi Moving Forward: Digital Asset Security

Going Beyond the Idea of Crypto, NFT, and Digital Asset Ownership

Please Don’t Leave Your Belongings Unattended

Surely, you’ve seen this sign before, in your local coffee shop or public transport. Because if left unchecked, our personal belongings can either get lost or stolen. In crypto, this same warning applies.

How to Secure Crypto Digital Assets

Let’s begin with discussing digital asset security from an everyday user and/or retail investor’s perspective.

Research Before Anything Else

Like every investment, DeFi investors should always do their own research. For beginners, this includes understanding the basics of decentralised finance and the blockchain industry as well as the crypto market’s behaviour.

Detect and Prevent

Most crypto projects and DeFi protocols run on smart contracts, collections of code that perform a specific sequence of instructions that interact with the blockchain.

Keep Your Personal Information Safe

Not all things have to be transparent though, especially your personal information. Whether you’re a frequent user of decentralised finance or just learning your way into it, it is essential to have strong information security in order to keep your digital assets protected.

Get Covered

If all else fails, you can always get covered. Risk prevention and mitigation go hand in hand with each other. With most of the aforementioned ways to secure your digital assets being prevention, it’s time we talk about how one can manage those risks.

How to Protect DeFi Protocols

On a much larger scale, DeFi protocols can participate in developing their project’s ability to ensure risk prevention and mitigation for its users and investors.

Perform Full Unit Tests

Unit tests are indispensable to every high-quality project testing. These tests help identify vulnerabilities in the smart contract before hackers can set their eyes on it. It is crucial that projects undergo constant and complete unit testing that doesn’t just cover major parts of the code. But, also unnoticed sections that may potentially have an exposed loophole in it.

Smart Contract Security Audits

Sometimes after reviewing and testing the entire code, from each line to every method, class, and module, developers may not be able to guarantee a project’s smart contract is safe and secure. Security audits can help take the project’s level of security further. A security audit helps prevent hacking by identifying unpredictable smart contract vulnerabilities before a DeFi protocol’s launching. And if one audit doesn’t cut it, perform a secondary security audit.

Unique Coding

Copy-pasting is the bane of every successful work, especially in DeFi projects. Some pieces of another project’s code may fit into the copying protocol. However, it may never belong as some important lines of code may not work together or be compatible with the protocol. In programming, we call these logic errors. The smart contract may not function as intended. Just like this copy-and-paste error.

Work with Experienced DeFi Developers

Expert blockchain developers and cybersecurity specialists are useful when it comes to developing a super-secure DeFi protocol. Many of their industry knowledge comes from years of “charging to experience.” Tons of smart contract errors and exploitable code could be detected even before a protocol launches.

Community Support

A protocol is nothing without its community. With the support of your following audience, you can drive bug bounty and testing campaigns that motivate your users and investors to give feedback on their experience using your protocol. Incentivize their support with rewarding games and events.

Why DeFi and Digital Asset Security Matters

As with anything valuable, digital assets need reliable security. Investors and owners should always prioritise security right after they acquire a certain digital asset.

About Us

Neptune Mutual project safeguards the Ethereum community from cyber threats. The protocol uses parametric cover as opposed to discretionary insurance. It has an easy and reliable on-chain claim process. This means that when incidents are confirmed by our community, resolution is fast.



Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce risk exposure by hedging against capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.

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Neptune Mutual

Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce risk exposure by hedging against capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.