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Neptune Mutual Social Media Competition

We are pleased to announce our first ever NEP Social Media Competition. This round will have a total of 5 winners. The winner will receive 150 BUSD and 4 runner-ups will receive 50 BUSD each. This competition will end on 2021–06–15 11:59:59 PM UTC. We will distribute the rewards to the winners within 5 business days. Users who fail to submit their wallet address will be disqualified even when they have highest points.

Based on the community engagement, we will continue this competition again in a monthly basis. Note that you can participate in all competition and bounty programs at once without any restrictions. You can share the same social media posts or retweets for both, the monthly competition and long-term bounty.

How to Join?

No KYC is required. Enter the contest by visiting the following URL:

Rules to Select the Winners:

The contestants having highest points will be chosen. If there are more than 5 users with both, equal and highest points, we will do a lucky draw between them to select the winners. Read the terms and conditions on the contest page carefully. Our decision on, usage of tools and technology, disqualifying entries, and obtaining the winners is final and irrevocable.

Rules to Enter the Contest:

Please complete all required steps. We reserve the right to extend the competition, disqualify fraudulent entries, or remove or accounts which are created for sole purpose of bounty hunting only. Please do not try to cheat or defraud the system because we will manually check all entries. This negatively affects honest contestants who work hard. We would like you to not waste your time (and ours too) trying to collect points on the entries which you did not complete. Repeat abusers will be completely disqualified or banned from the contest.

Based on the success of this round, we may bring additional competitions in the future, change the amount, and increase or decrease the total number of winners.

Additional Bounty to Participate

Note: you can use the same post, blog, video, or retweet to collect points on both competitions.

About Neptune Mutual

Neptune Mutual platform explores new avenues to creating user-centric hedging products on the blockchain. We aim to attract a steady user base and growing liquidity towards the Binance Smart Chain by creating stablecoin-based coverage pools for accurate risk management.

Neptune Mutual platform uses NEP token for both governance and utility purposes.

  • Use NEP to stake and create contracts and markets
  • Burn NEP to create contracts and markets
  • Use NEP to vote in the governance of the platform’s future
  • Lock NEP to provide liquidity, secure the protocol, and yield additional rewards
  • Hold NEP in your wallet to purchase and claim coverage
  • Foreign assets farmed under NEP pool will be used to purchase NEPs which will then be burned.
  • Creating a new coverage contract requires you to burn 1000 NEP tokens. Coverage creators will earn a small portion of the coverage fees collected in BUSD or BNB.
  • 4000 NEP tokens must be staked when creating a coverage pool. The higher your stake, the more visibility your coverage will get in the market.
  • Coverage pools are available in BUSD. We deduct 6.5% of the coverage fee or coverage claim in BUSD or BNB. The acquired BUSD will be used to purchase NEP tokens in the PancakeSwap exchange and then immediately burned in a single transaction.
  • Providing liquidity to a coverage pool requires you to stake 250 NEP or higher.
  • During dispute resolution (governance), more than 50% NEP of the minority is burned

Stay Tuned for Latest Updates

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