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Unlock the Gold Vault — Neptune Mutual Testnet Launch

Take part in a one-of-a-kind testnet launch on March 10, 2022.

Test-To-Earn Protocol

  1. Provide stablecoin liquidity.
  2. Bond and staking pools.
  3. Report incidents.
  4. Claim cover payouts.

How to Participate in the Neptune Mutual Testnet

First, register on Gleam:

User-Centric By Design

We hope that through this way of testing we can encourage you to provide valuable feedback. Your insights and comments about your experience with the protocol matter to us.

  1. Engagement. Community is at the core of Neptune Mutual. It is the Neptune Mutual community that will validate whether an incident has triggered the parameters of the cover policy of a dedicated cover pool or not. It is the community that provides liquidity to the dedicated cover pools created in the Neptune Mutual marketplace. And of course, it is the community that will choose what protection they choose to buy from the different cover policies created within the Neptune Mutual marketplace. So using the testnet as a vehicle to build understanding, interest and engagement in our community is vitally important.
  2. Perception. We hope that the launch of Neptune Mutual testnet is the starting point of a movement towards more widespread protection of digital assets. There is a perception that protection in its current form is unreliable, slow, costly and complicated (particularly in relation to the all-important matter of what is included or excluded in the small print). We hope that our community will enjoy helping us optimise and improve our solution which we believe is reliable, fast, competitively priced and simple.”

About Us

Neptune Mutual project safeguards the Ethereum community from cyber threats. The protocol uses parametric cover as opposed to discretionary insurance. It has an easy and reliable on-chain claim process. This means that when incidents are confirmed by our community, resolution is fast.



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Neptune Mutual

Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce risk exposure by hedging against capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.