Bioproducts are Seeing Major Tailwinds in Renewable Tech

By Tom Dickson and Brentan Alexander

Has Silicon Valley forgotten about cleantech after failures in solar, wind and batteries? Not quite! Several new and exciting renewable technologies are coming to market. Read Tom Dickson and Brentan Alexander’s TechCrunch article on Bioproducts re Seeing Major Tailwinds in Renewable Tech. Yes, companies are learning are how to turn trash into cash.

Here’s an excerpt via TechCrunch:

Today, entrepreneurs are approaching the space head-on, and there are dozens of cutting-edge companies coming to market and breaking through with major projects and customers. Companies in the space can be divided between the developers like Fulcrum BioEnergy, Red Rock Biofuels, RES Polyflow and Envia, and the technology providers, such as TCG, TRI, Velocys and many others.
These companies are targeting a variety of waste types, including household garbage (plastics and organics), as well as agricultural waste (like wood) and livestock waste (like manure). Waste is then converted into various products, including synthetic crude oil, natural gas, electricity, refined products (from diesel to high-value waxes) and specialty chemicals.

The Attributes that Define the Increasingly Critical Data-As-A Service Industry. Data is valuable but if it “don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.”

Here’s an excerpt via TechCrunch: