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10 Best Websites Built Using Django Web Development

Django web development

With the popularity of Python, Django web development has become mainstream. It is a “batteries included” framework, which enables developers to build any type of static or dynamic web application.

Django is the 2nd most popular web development framework after Laravel. Known for its scalability, Django is the framework that serves in the technology stack of giants like Google, Instagram, and Netflix. Since these companies work extensively with Python web development services, they are seamlessly integrating Django in their applications.

But why does everyone love Django? One of the biggest use cases of Django development solutions is in the enterprise applications industry. These apps require processing hundreds and thousands of requests at once. Django allows building solutions that can easily handle such requests and ensure that the operations flow smoothly. While it has uses in every industry, science and education is the biggest contributor to Django’s success.

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Top Industry Verticals

As Django is a Python-based framework for web development, it is easy to work with. Python has a clear, simple syntax — a feature admired by even the beginner developer. It is a powerful programming language that is used to build high-end websites and advanced solutions for data science, Artificial Intelligence, and even Extended Reality.

This article will highlight the top 10 websites built using Django development services. These are some of the leaders in their industry and are the most profitable ventures.

Top 10 Most Popular Websites Built on Django

Django is a great way to build prototypes. That’s why a lot of startups in the data science industry now prefer it for their web development requirements. Since they need a quick MVP and more time to market the product, Django serves as the best option for them.

Here are the top 10 popular websites that use Django web development services -


  • As of 2020, there were an estimated 2.1 billion users on YouTube. It is the largest video-sharing platform with a database that spans more than the population of entire countries. The company uses Django as the powerhouse for its web application requirements.
  • YouTube is powered by Python programming, which works in harmony with Django to help the application maintain speed and functionality. The company switched from PHP to Django because they wanted to add new features that only Django could provide.


  • The most popular image-sharing website, Instagram uses Django in its technology stack. Since Django didn’t require a lot of setup and testing was simple, the founders of Instagram used it to build the web application.
  • The engineers at Instagram really love Python, which is why the company sticks with Django web development services. Instagram utilizes sentry for monitoring, which allows the developers to detect any errors in real-time and fix them with ease.


  • Probably the biggest user of Django is Disqus. It enables websites to implement comments and discussions. Disqus has over 500 million unique visitors, and the community is growing at a rapid pace.
  • Similar to Instagram, Disqus also sent Sentry for error reporting and monitoring what went wrong with the application. There are hundreds of ready-to-implement features in Django, which makes it the perfect choice for Disqus. The software is used by millions of companies, making Django the right framework for scalability.


  • Another major player that uses Django is Spotify. The music streaming app works with both Python and Django to implement its recommendation engine. It is a heavily used technology for backend operations in its web application.
  • Most of all, Spotify uses Django for integrating Machine Learning capabilities. Its recommendations are some of the best in the industry, which works with the user’s preferences in an extremely smooth manner.


  • One of the largest online repositories for developers, Bitbucket is a major Django project. The Git repository hosting service that handles around 17 million users per year. The website is home to over 6 million repositories for various technologies.
  • Bitbucket uses the ready-to-implement features of Django, minimizing the hassle of developers writing the code from scratch. It also reduces the time it takes to build multiple features in the application.

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  • The cloud-based file hosting service is one of the biggest users of Django. It needs to handle tons of data and storage requests at a single moment. The backend and client desktop software used Python and Django development services.
  • Django was also used to synchronize an account across different devices, user history option, and also file sharing option. Dropbox is one of the largest cloud services providers that require a technology stack that can serve millions of requests at once — and Django is perfect to do that.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Firefox was initially built with PHP and CakePHP but Mozilla switched to Python and Django, considering its security features. uses Django for multiple functionalities. They receive a huge amount of API queries, which is why a Django web development company is of huge help.
  • Firefox is a popular browser that handles millions of requests every day. Django is a scalable technology that can help with accepting and working with simultaneous requests. Therefore, it makes sense for Mozilla to use Django in its tech stack.


  • Nasa’s website uses Django as a technology to handle the traffic every time. It serves around 2 million visitors monthly. Nasa has an exceptional web application with some of the greatest functional elements that one can integrate.
  • Django is a multi-purpose, dynamic web framework that helps with diverse features. The technology is a preferred technology stack at Nasa, enabling the organization to reap the benefits of highly functional elements.

The Washington Post

  • One of the largest newspapers in the world, The Washington Post runs online using Django in its technology stack. Since it receives a huge amount of traffic in the form of millions of users, it needs scalable technology to accommodate them.
  • Django is a largely scalable technology that companies use to expand their operations. The technology is powerful enough to support the development of hundreds of elements. A Django development company can build apps like The Washington Post with easy scaling.


  • There are around 250 million active users on Pinterest. It is one of the largest bookmarking sites in the world. To handle the huge amount of user interactions and data storage, the application uses Django in its technology stack.
  • Django web development services ensure excellent performance and provide the ability to scale without any hassle. Since the company uses Django, there’s little to no lag in performance even when users expand exponentially.

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Django is increasingly becoming one of the desired frameworks by enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Companies like Google, YouTube, Spotify have proven that Django and Python web development services are effective when it comes to building scalable applications. A custom software development company can help companies build applications using Python and Django.

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