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12 Hours In: GDHQ Certification Devlog

Since the last devlog (09 Hours In: GDHQ Certification Devlog ), progress has slowed down a little bit, but for a very good reason. I have been challenged to develop a small project within 7 days in an area that I have never worked with, as soon as I am done with that project, I will surely document everything.

So let us start with the changes so far.

Changed Camera Position

Yes, changing camera position is very important here. Previously, the camera was somewhat close to the player but I found it to be a little restricting to the player movement and I wasn’t able to place as many enemies as I wanted to. So I moved the camera back a little, and adjusted the playable area in which the player can move and in which the enemies can shoot.

Old Camera position, very close to player
New Camera Position, far form the player. More action more fun

Phantom Grunt Weapon

The grunt is a heavy unit that can take some damage and has a unique movement pattern. So instead of giving the grunt a weapon to shoot, I gave them a force field that surrounds them. If the player enters this force field, they take damage as long as they are inside of it.

Basic UI & Score System

After each level, the player is going to be scored based on my factors. The first two factors are Kill score and Combo score.

As the player kills enemies, points will be added to his kill score and each enemy will give different kill points.

Combo score increases as the player also kills enemies, and is reset if they take damage. I am still unsure how I want it to affect the final score. Should the player be granted a score bonus based on his highest combo streak? Or should the player be granted a score multiplier based on what combo streak he finished the level with.

Score UI

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