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After the announcement of Jetpack Compose in Android Dev Summit 2019, many developers are planning to integrate 🏗️ Compose in their existing apps or start creating new apps using latest Jetpack components & Compose. In app development along with top functionality & features, UI also plays an important role in catching attraction. We are already aware of not able to generate polish UI without animation, motion etc. So, Compose plays a role here by becoming a modern UI toolkit that sets app developers up, to get success with this landscape.📱

Introduction to Compose in Android Dev Summit 2019
(what problems does Compose solve, how does compose work, reason behind some of design decisions)
Modern approach to Android Development using Jetpack Compose

Later in 2020, Google announced Alpha release of Compose with some more advancements
Announcing Jetpack Compose Alpha


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Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI. It simplifies and accelerates UI development on Android. Quickly bring your app to life with less code, powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs. Using this you won’t be editing any XML layouts or directly creating the UI widgets. Instead, you will call Jetpack Compose functions to say what elements you want, and the Compose compiler will do the rest.

The key component in Compose is Composable function. These functions let you define your app’s UI programmatically by describing its shape and data dependencies, rather than focusing on the process of the UI’s construction. To create a composable function, just add the @Composable annotation to the function name.

Getting started with Compose 😀

What is Mental model of Compose ? 🤔

How to Setup for Jetpack Compose ? 🚧

But How to support Interoperability with existing app ? 🔗

Is there any sample apps to refer ? 🗂

Does Google have provided pathway for Compose learning ? 🏢

For More Comprehensive List of Learning Resources 🖥️

You can Clone this repository for basic setup. Further all concepts source code can be updated from same

Above information is more than enough to get basic understanding. Please go through all above links for better understanding of Compose. It will clear all fundamental concepts and provide a way to move further with this learning.
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