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2D Shooter: Giving Art to the Prototype

A game that is just cubes shooting pellets at other cubes isn’t very interesting. There’s no hook, and no visual appeal.

Think about it, would you rather play a game like this:

Or something like this:

Using Chicken Invaders (Made by
©InterAction studios) as an example

The game we’re making won’t have chickens in it, but it will be set in space. Right now let’s just worry about the basic appearance before we get into powerups and finesse work.

Objective: Add artistic elements to the player, background, laser, and enemy, to make the game look more interesting.

As I am a part of GamedevHQ, I have access to the assets using their filebase system. From there I downloaded and imported the assets into Unity. Everything I need is in the Assets folder automatically.

Let’s start with the background. In my assets I have a background overlay, and all I need to do is drag it to the hierarchy and it will appear in the scene. In the game view it doesn’t quite align with the camera’s view. So we just need to adjust the size a little.

Once this is done you’ll want to create a couple layers in the Sprite Renderer component so that the background will stay in the background.

After you hit “add sorting layer” you’ll see the available layers and an option to create them. Hit the plus button and make a foreground and background layer. Make sure that background is above foreground.

Once the layers are made you want to assign the background image to the background layer.

Now since we have 3D objects when we want to make a 2D game, the easiest way to convert it is to just delete the objects. Let’s just worry about the player for now.

Yup, delete it.

But don’t worry! We’ll be keeping all the scripts so most of our hard work will still be there!

For now just drag the sprite you want to use into the hierarchy and make sure to have it on the foreground layer. After that just reassign the player script to it, and congrats, we have a spaceship!

But there are some issues we need to address, which I’ll get into in my next post.



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