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3 Things to learn while Programming.

When its come to programming most people think that it is just a programming language that they need to gear up their programming journey. But the reality is far different than that.

Yeah there is a stereotype of programmers who just write code sitting in the corner, but as a programmer you also need to have some soft skills like communication and collaboration — we’ll discuss about soft skills in our future article but in this one we’ll discuss about some essential things you need to learn along with programming.

So let’s get started:

1. Understanding of English Language:

As a programmer you need to aware of english language, because majority of the articles and contents are in english language — and if you know english then it would be better to find relevant contents. And it also help to improve your communication skills. So you better have it.

2. Logical Thinking:

Programs are built upon logics and as a programmer you gonna spend most of your time in thinking rather than just coding. So you need to train your brain to think logically; otherwise you gonna have hard time with a bit complex code.

And in my opinion problem solving and logical thinking is the one of the important tools, a programmers should have.

3. Knowing Pseudocode:

As I mention earlier, you don’t need to worry about choosing your first programming language, but you should know how to write pseudocode.

Pseudocode are just the simple awy to write your logic without using any complex syntax. And knowing pseudocode will also halp you in long run. As it is language independent, so anyone from any programming background, can understand your logic easily.

So there you have it. In my opinion these are the three essential thing a programmer should know from the very first beginning, and if you know something else then do let me know in the comment.

And btw, I also have a video version of this article. So if you better prefer video, then you can have a look on that too. Here is the link.

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you in the next one :)




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