7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021

Fauzia A.
Fauzia A.
Apr 22 · 7 min read
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021

You have already decided for sure that you want to become a programmer and do programming. But, another question arose before you — which programming language is the best in 2021?

At the moment, there are a lot of programming languages, something new appears, something does not stand up to competition and fades into the background, and soon dies altogether.

Every programming language is different from each other. The way it is written, compiled and executed. But, many languages ​​are very similar to each other and have a similar logic of action.

1. JavaScript (Web Development)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — JavaScript
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — JavaScript

It is a very popular and demanded programming language, which is mainly used for web development, in creating mobile applications (using third-party frameworks), and in creating desktop applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The significant potential of this programming language can be seen when working with Node.js (backend) and React (frontend) frameworks that help you create stunning web applications.

In JavaScript, there are also many libraries and frameworks that complement the functionality and expand the scope of the language.

However, it is also one of the easiest languages ​​to learn. If you want to go towards web development, then JavaScript is a must-learn language.

2. Python (Web Development, Machine Learning)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Python
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for both beginners and experienced programmers. The fact that you can use this library-rich language for web development makes it even more attractive.

Django and Flask are some of the most popular and powerful Python frameworks for web development, the former of which includes such popular products as web versions: Instagram, Pinterest, online udemy courses, Robinhood financial platform, trivago and many other projects.

Additionally, Python is one of the mainstream languages ​​for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects today.

Python is also the language of choice for beginners in programming due to its simple and friendly syntax.

If you work on freelance, then learning Python will help you to complete tasks related to web development and writing scripts, in particular telegram bots.

Python is also actively used in technology startups due to its very rich set of libraries and frameworks, lower costs in hiring new employees and active use in machine learning, which is a relatively new and rather popular direction.

As we can see, Python is also a fairly popular language, which will undoubtedly grow even more in the future. Therefore, studying it is a good contribution to the knowledge base.

3. Dart Language (Flutter Platform for Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Applications)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Dart
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Dart

Google’s Flutter platform has recently become one of the favorite mobile app development kits with a beautiful and responsive user interface for many developers.

If you have experience with object-oriented programming, then learning the Dart language should not be difficult. The Flutter platform concept revolves around a long list of widgets that can seem daunting to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you know it isn’t.
Flutter applications are compiled natively; this means you don’t need to maintain a separate code base for Android and iOS apps; therefore, a lot of time is saved.

Flutter also supports hot reload, which greatly speeds up application development.

flutter vs react native
flutter vs react native

If we compare Flutter with the more popular react native, for example, then I would definitely recommend Flutter, since working on both platforms I concluded that Flutter is really much better. Plus, applications written in it, with the exception of native development, work much faster.

All these features together make the Dart language, and thus the Flutter platform, one of the best to learn in 2021.

4. Java (Web Development, Android Application Development)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Java
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Java

Java is a powerful and popular programming language . The language is based on object-oriented programming and is lower-level compared to the previously listed languages.

Java programs can be run anywhere as long as the Java Virtual Machine is running. For this reason, it is cross-platform, as it runs on small devices.

Java language is mainly used for large web projects and for developing mobile applications.

The popular, versatile and powerful Spring framework is used to build web applications.

As many already know, the popular Android operating system for mobile devices also uses the Java language to develop its applications.

In addition to Java, applications on Android can also be developed in the Kotlin language, which has recently become popular for the environment. Therefore, if you want to go towards the development of mobile applications, then for a start it is probably better to still learn the Kotlin language, but ideally, of course, it is better to learn both to become a more in-demand employee in this area.

5. Swift (Apps for iOS, macOS and watchOS)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Swift
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — Swift

If you aspire to become an app developer for iOS , macOS or watchOS, then you should definitely learn the Swift language.

Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift has proven to be a fairly fast, powerful and functional language for developing applications for Apple operating systems.

In addition, since Apple develops and promotes the language itself, there is no doubt that it will be quite promising and more functional.
The language replaced the then popular, but unloved language for many developers, Objective-C.

Of course, due to the fact that in Russia the more used mobile operating system is Android, it is logical that the Swift language will not be so in demand, it is more aimed at the American market, where ios is more popular.

As a result, the Swift language is better to learn if you are determined to become a developer for the ios and macOS operating systems. Despite the small number of vacancies for this language, the currently given Swift developers are paid a pretty decent salary.

6. GO (Backend Development, Desktop Applications, Systems Programming)

Go is a low-level language developed internally by Google that can help you become a systems programmer and develop quality console applications. The language is loved by developers who use it for cloud computing and for cluster computing.

If you’ve programmed in C or C ++ before, then learning Go is easy. Well, if you are new to programming, then for example, compared to python, the Go language is relatively difficult to learn, in addition, their areas of application are relatively different. Yet it is not as difficult as it might seem.

Golang is also used for developing web applications, where detailed documentation with code examples can be found on the official website.

Although in the CIS countries the GO language is just beginning to develop, many large companies are already beginning to implement this technology in their developments. In the US, Golang has become quite popular and Google is trying to promote the language by improving its functionality and performance.
Therefore, I think learning Go is a great investment in your arsenal of skills.

7. C # (Unity Game Development, Desktop Applications)

7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — C #
7 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 — C #

C # is an object-oriented programming language developed around 2000 by a group of engineers at Microsoft. He has definitely come a long way from creating Windows apps to making games and developing VR.

Once you have learned to program in C #, you can use the powerful Unity game engine to develop games.

The syntax of C # is very similar to the syntax of the Java language, both of which use the C programming language as their syntactic base, so knowing one will help you quickly learn the other.

Earlier C # was more associated with the development of desktop applications on Windows, today the language is mainly studied for developing games on the Unity engine. And it does it well.

Today Unity has become one of the most popular game engine for cross-platform development, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.

Almost all indie developers today use it to create their games.


Before arguing why I did not include or exclude this or that language in this list, I want to remind you that I made it based on my own preferences and largely based on the statistics that each language offered listing.

Which Programming Language is the Best in 2021?

Which language should you choose? Where to begin?.

Remember that it all depends on your desires and preferences.

Ask yourself questions such as “What is my goal in programming?” “I want to create websites or applications? What platforms do I want to create applications for, iOS or Android?

Think in this way and you will definitely find something of your own. The main thing is, don’t be afraid to try! If it didn’t work here, it will work there. If it will not work there, it will work somewhere else.

If you need specific names of languages, I would name the following top 3 programming languages ​​for 2021:

Python — The language of the future! Captured and continues to capture the audience of the IT community.
JavaScript — is a web development classic, nothing better than that.
Swift — The mobile market is very strong. The share of mobile traffic on the Internet has exceeded 50%.

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