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7 Essential Tools That Every .Net Developer Needs


The Internet, like a black hole, has drawn people of all ages and generations to it due to its services, mobility, and expanding nature. The Internet arrived at this point thanks to a large contribution by web developers; they are the ones who hold the majority of the chariot’s ties.

To provide people with a high-quality product or material, it is required for them to employ the appropriate instruments; it is self-evident that a painter needs a canvas, a variety of colours, and a mind full of images in order to create a painting worth a second glance. Similar to web development, the developer wants the greatest framework for the job, and .NET has been proven as one of them.

However, the process doesn’t end with framework selection or even at hiring the best custom .net development company, in fact, selecting the correct library has been made even more difficult by the industry’s abundance of available options. With great skills and knowledge of utilising top .net libraries to leverage web app development, you can do wonders for your product outcomes.

Every day, many developers use the .NET framework. The core features of the ASP.NET framework are used to develop a wide variety of apps. This has resulted in the proliferation of third-party tools, each of which claims to be useful and important. For company owners and web application development organisations, selecting the appropriate tools for their web application development project needs extensive study.

To assist them in selecting the finest, this article compiles a list of the most popular but advanced and effective technologies used by web developers for their application development projects.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Essential Tools That Every .Net Developer Needs
  • Concluding Thoughts

Essential Tools That Every .Net Developer Needs

1. Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Code

While it may seem self-evident to place Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code at the top of our list, one cannot ignore the benefits of this Microsoft tool.

It is still one of the most popular tools with a sophisticated environment for.Net application developers.

Microsoft Visual Studio is used to create a variety of computer programmes, including websites, online services, web applications, and mobile applications. It includes world-class tools for quickly writing and debugging code. To enable web developers to collaborate effectively.

The only disadvantage is that it is rather hefty. However, Microsoft has provided an alternative in the shape of Visual Studio Code. It is a small, open-source, and completely free utility. IntelliSense is built into Visual Studio and delivers intelligent completions based on function definitions, variable types, and imported modules. Additionally, it has built-in Git commands and a slew of customisable extensions.

2. StyleCop

The next in line is StyleCop, which is frequently used by Microsoft Technology Associates while developing ASP.Net services. It is a code analysis tool that verifies that the code created adheres to coding style and design requirements. To be exact, it analyses the code documentation, layout, ordering, and readability. As we previously stated, appearance is critical, and this holds true for codes as well; indentation is a critical component of coding, and StyleCop guarantees that everything is in order.

3. Perfcollect

PerfCollect is a shell script, or in simpler terms, a set of command lines that are frequently used to automate data gathering in ASP.Net software development. It may be used as a tool to manually tweak the CPU and memory allocation. Another tool that coexists with PerfCollect is PerfView, which has nearly identical functions for system analysis. Both of these are frequently utilised in Linux-based computers.

4. NCrunch

NCrunch enables developers to run tests in the background as they write code. This form of concurrent automated testing in Visual Studio enables developers to establish quality metrics as they write code. The programme gives critical information about the tested code, allowing developers to immediately enhance its quality.

NCrunch is chosen because of its intelligent test execution and inline information about exceptions. Although it is a premium tool, the features make it well worth the price.

5. LINQPad

For individuals who dislike searching databases in the traditional SQL language, LINQPad is the finest alternative for querying databases in the current computer language LINQ (you can use SQL as well). LINQPad enables you to experiment with code lines and test snippets or apps. Additionally, output formatting, optional autocompletion, and integrated debugging are available.

6. dotTrace

dotTrace is a tool that enables the resolution of performance problems in .Net applications and the addition of silver linings to ASP.Net development services. It is also compatible with Visual Studio, exposing it to a sizable community of web developers and Microsoft Technology Associates. It can sift through a large amount of data and produce thorough findings that are sufficient to investigate the code that caused memory leaks in particular.

7. NUnit:

It is a framework for unit testing that enables developers to design automated test frameworks. NUnit has several benefits, the most significant of which is the ability to generate higher-quality code, which reduces the cost of faults. As early-stage flaws are easier to cure and operate at a lower cost than those discovered later in the development process.

Concluding Thoughts

You may be utilising numerous tools to complete your development of a web application. You can utilise as many developer tools as you like, depending on the tool’s quality and the requirements of your project, but make sure they help you complete the project on schedule and without errors.

These are essential tools if you wish to be rid of repetitive duties and maximise your performance. Indeed, you are not required to install all of these tools simultaneously; you may tailor them to your project’s requirements.



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