7 Reasons Why Java Development is so Popular for Enterprise Software

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Why Java Development is so Popular for Enterprise Software

Java is the third most popular programming language in Sept 2021, just after C and Python. It is a robust and scalable technology to build enterprise and web applications.

Even though Java has been there for years, its use is continuously growing. From Smartphones to desktops, Java solutions are prevalent on almost every platform. Since Java is a platform-independent programming language, it simplifies application scaling.

That is one of the biggest reasons for enterprise Java development. Businesses that need scalable solutions consider Java enterprise application development to handle the operational requirements. The programming language is useful to enterprises for a wide array of applications — including building an Android app for the mobile user.

Since enterprise-grade applications have heavy performance requirements, they need a technology stack that can handle the activities. Enterprise apps also require security because of the confidentiality of data, which is where Java development services turn out to be useful.

This article will highlight the 7 reasons why Java solutions are preferred by enterprises that want to go digital.

Why Java is best for enterprise applications

Java is one of the best programming languages for enterprise apps. It is a simple yet powerful tool to build solutions and applications that are scalable, dynamic, and, most importantly — interactive in nature.

Here are 7 reasons why Java enterprise application development is popular among companies -

#1 Stable language
Since its inception in the early 90s, Java has grown a lot. However, it still hasn’t become irrelevant and boasts of being one of the most stable programming languages. Java software development services have evolved over time, and it has still not reached its maturity — the language is constantly growing.

Stability also leads to making it the default programming language for some of the leading companies in the world. It is a credible and reliable technology that enterprises choose to utilize for their web application. Therefore, more and more enterprises trust the language’s power in building enterprise apps.

#2 Diverse libraries
Java experts admire the vast number of libraries that the technology provides. It enables developers to solve some of the most mundane problems with ease. Most libraries are free, open-source, and offer an enterprise-friendly license. There’s no need to write everything from scratch — there’s a library for that.

The Java enterprise application architecture depends heavily on the use of libraries. There are technically millions of libraries and code support for developers, which actually simplifies the process of application development. Therefore, adding features to a Java enterprise application is much easier than others.

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#3 Platform independence
The existence of Java Virtual Machine or JVM simplifies the cross-platform compatibility of Java solutions. Java is just “write once, run everywhere.” Developers can write the application on macOS and run them on Windows. The language is sufficiently platform-independent.

Any business can implement the application written on one platform in Java and use it on the other. Of course, different platforms have different features, so any additional functionality would be an advantage for the users of that platform. A Java development company offers apps that are platform-independent, making sure users on all devices can use them.

#4 Scalable applications
Time and time again, scalability has been the biggest strength of Java software development services. Java has a scalable infrastructure — there are tools, frameworks, and libraries that can handle hundreds of thousands of requests at once, making it perfect for enterprise Java development.

Enterprises have heavy workloads and performance requirements. They can’t use a technology that lags when there is a need to scale on demand. Companies can ramp up their operations with ease. The technology offers a lot of tools and frameworks as well for scaling operational performance.

#5 Easy learning curve
Building a Java team is not difficult because there are a plethora of Java experts and developers in the industry. The programming language has a shorter learning curve, making it easier for developers to adapt it and develop skills quickly. Today, there’s a huge demand for Java developers, but the supply is also the same.

Universities across the globe teach Java programs in science and technology courses. It is a simple language, and since it integrates well with Python, developers in Python can also learn the language with ease. There are more Java and C developers in the world than any other programming language.

#6 High speed and performance
Enterprise applications depend heavily on speed and performance. They need solutions that match the pace of work in real-time. Performance is paramount, and that’s why choosing Java makes sense. The technology uses multi-threading and reduces memory consumption during operations.

A Java enterprise application example can be found in multiple industries. NASA, Wikipedia, Minecraft, Hadoop, Tesla, Netbeans are a few companies that utilize Java to build high-performance and dynamic Java solutions. There are Java apps that work for deep space technologies as well.

#7 Secure applications
Enterprises have a lot of confidential data, which entails that security is critical for enterprise applications. Java offers a wide array of security features that provide solutions for the much-needed protection. Java provides multiple layers of security to protect apps from common vulnerabilities, threats, SQL injections, and more.

Java 9 comes with a lot of additional features for security. It enables data exchange between the client and server over secure protocols. Java offers enough protection to ensure that confidential data doesn’t get leaked and cyberthreats can be easily tackled. Every Java enterprise application framework works in harmony with the programming language to enhance security in the application.


Java web development services are in high demand. The technology offers several benefits that companies can utilize in the long run. Its power, cross-platform app development, and security are something that every company admires. Even though there have been many programming languages, Java has maintained its position in the top 3 for the past couple of years.

Java development services are now preferred by enterprises that want dynamic applications on different platforms. And now that mobile app development is becoming prominent, Java is more useful than ever because of its capability to build Android apps with ease.

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