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A Detailed Guide on Selecting the Best Live Video Chat API and SDK

Choose the best live video chat API and SDK in 2022!

Did you know around 38.5 percent of internet users worldwide make video calls using their mobile devices? Given the great convenience that video chat has to offer, more and more businesses are incorporating it into their communication system. If you’ve been planning to leverage video chat to stay connected with your audience, you should consider implementing a video chat API and SDK. In this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects revolving around the selection of the best live video chat API and SDK that can help you build a robust communication system.

What Exactly is Video Chat API and SDK?

Video Call API & SDK

A video chat API ( Application Programming Interface) refers to a video-audio integration tool that allows communication platforms to conduct video chats. It also enables data exchange between different types of software tools.

On the other hand, video SDK( Software Development Kit) consists of a suite of software development tools that help you build a video communication application or platform.

Now that we’ve covered the basic concept of video chat API and SDK, let’s move to the advantages it can bring to your app building journey.

Importance of Video Chat API and SDK provider

A video chat API integration can help you accelerate your app development process. It enables you to incorporate all new-age video functionalities into your application. Sounds good, right? Let’s look at some more benefits that a video API can offer you:

1.Get quick software delivery

Video chat SDKs and APIs provide you with modern tools. They help you build your live cross-platform video chat app without any hassles. Moreover, the APIs are easy and quick to implement. They do not bother you with many bugs.

2.Save on capital and resources

A live video chatting API helps you save the expenditures incurred on hiring and training new resources for the app development. Moreover, it enables developers to concentrate on building the application rather than shifting their focus on creating video chat solutions.

3.Helps boost productivity

Video chat APIs provide businesses with powerful tools and well-written documentation that can speed up the app development process for them. As the application development stages are smoother, companies can focus on other core business areas as well.

How does a Video Chat Work?

There’s no denying that video chat is changing the ways companies do business in present virtual times. But, do you know how exactly a video chat functions? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

A video chat happens between two parties over VoIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol). It functions by leveraging the internet via a series of protocols. The video chat service provider that is connected to the internet sends the request to the receiving device. As soon as the receiver gets the call, the audio and video sent to the device are encoded and sent back to the other device. This process is repeated again and again to carry out the video communication.

Leverage a real-time streaming chat software can help you conduct smooth video conversations. So, if you wish to take your business interactions to the top-grade level, use the power of video chat APIs.

Must-have Video Call API Features

Every business is unique and so are there chat requirements, isn’t it? There are various video chat SDKs and APIs available in the market to choose from. You need to choose the most suitable API as per your business needs. However, there are features that must be there in any video API. Let us look at them one by one:

1.Multiple video options

A live video chatting API should provide you with different video options. Make sure that it offers one-on-one video chat, group conferencing, live video streaming, webinars, and large-scale broadcast sessions without any hassles.

Multi-party Video Call App

2.Screen sharing

Screen sharing is very essential in video chat these days for quick and transparent collaborations. It enables you to share your screen and forward your presentation to all the other colleagues and team members. A cloud-based screen sharing API makes information sharing easier for businesses.

Video Call API & SDK

3.Text messaging

People find texting very convenient. It helps them instantly convey their thoughts and messages to the other chat participants during video interactions. Choose a video chat SDK that allows you to send data and messages safely during live video sessions.

Video Chat Platform

4.Video recording

Video chat SDKs and APIs should offer secure live video call recording options. With this, you can always archive and save important videos for future recommendations. The live video recording feature should be end-to-end encrypted.

Video Call Recording

5.Voice chat

A video chatting API should provide you with audio calling functionality. Make sure it offers some basic features like audio mute to avoid unnecessary background noise.

Voice Chat App

Key points to note while choosing your Video Chat Service Provider

Have you been wondering what kind of video chat API integration is right for your business? Don’t worry. We can help you. In this section, we shall discuss some key points you should research on before selecting your video chat API and SDK. Let us look at them one by one:

→Check the browser complexity

Now, it is important to check if the video chat service provider takes care of cross-platform issues or not. If you choose a low-level API, you will have to work on the cross-platform compatibility by yourself. However, if you choose a full-featured API, you automatically get the cross-platform compatibility.

→Compatibility with browser and platform updates

In present times, mobile devices and web browsers tend to automatically update themselves. But at times, developers have a difficult time in understanding how the video chat will work post the updates. Now, when you choose a low-level API, you need to figure it out yourself. But with a well-structured live video chatting API, you need not worry about browser and platform updates. The API automatically adjusts to the developments.

→Customized UI layout design

If you choose a traditional video chat API, you will need to create the video call interface by yourself. But with full-featured video chat SDKs and APIs, you get a drop-in video widget. The best part is that it is fully customizable. Also, the UI component is tested across different browsers and devices. But, with a low-level API, you need to design everything from scratch.

→Security and HIPAA compliance

Security is one of the major priorities that customers seek while interacting with you. Hence, you should make sure that your video chat integration is protected with end-to-end encryption and secures all kinds of private data.

Moreover, if you’re a developer or business working with PHI, you need to stick to HIPAA guidelines. Now, when you choose a full-featured API, it generally comes with in-built HIPAA compliance. But, in a low-level API, you need to work on HIPAA compatibility by yourself.


We hope our article helped you understand the best parts surrounding the selection of top-class video chat SDKs and APIs. We recommend you to select the best API and SDK as soon as possible and strengthen your video communication capacities. So, wait no more! Start your search from today. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.



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