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A long-lost Minecraft is found, “literary seismographs”, and killbots

Today’s Linkfest: The best stuff I found while procrastinating online

Screenshot of Minecraft 1.1.1

1. 🔍A rare, long-lost version of Minecraft is finally recovered

Minecraft gets updated nearly every week, so after 12 years, there are hundreds of versions out there. Fans of the game often keep old ones around, playing them for fun, nostalgia, or to enjoy the smoky flavor of deprecated game mechanics.

2. 📖 “Literary seismographs”: Predicting national crises by studying a country’s novels

There’s a fascinating piece in The Guardian about a group of literary scholars in Germany who tried to predict emerging national crises by looking at a country’s literary scene. What type of novels were striking a chord with the public? With reviewers? Which were causing arguments, or seemed to reflect simmering civic strife?

3. 🤖Dumping the ROM on a Speak & Spell to prove it didn’t have a “swear words” mode

Remember “swear words” mode on the Speak & Spell?

“Speak & Spell” by Yusuf C

4. 💣Autonomous lethal killbots are here

You may also recall that freaky “slaughterbots” sci-fi video from 2017?

5. 🥏The physics of why beer coasters make lousy frisbees

If you’ve ever tried to toss a beer coaster like a frisbee — and who among us has not—you’ve probably noticed they fly terribly. A few feet after you toss it, the dang thing flips over and plummets.



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