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AI Applications in Smartphone

With the mobile Internet development, smartphones have changed from a simple communication tool to an entrance to people’s lives and work. The rapid popularization of smartphones has also driven the development of many industries. AI has also targeted the smartphone market. At the same time, mobile phones manufacturers are aware of the value that AI brings to the smartphone industry.

AI mobile phones have emerged at the historic moment. Since 2017, “AI mobile phones” have sprung up. In 2018, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers even introduced AI technology in their flagship models. Mobile phones equipped with AI chips are becoming the mainstream of the market.

At present, mobile AI applications are primarily reflected in the camera, whether taking pictures, unlocking or cognition, optimization, analysis, etc., are all based on this “camera.”

The common one is “face unlocking”. Visual applications are an essential requirement in mobile. Most of the current mainstream mobile applications are related to graphical applications. It can be said that improving visual technology is currently the most direct and effective means of improving user experience.

At present, the application of computer vision technology in mobile phones can be divided into three primary directions: identification, authentication, and 3D perception. The penetration rates of face unlocking and portrait beautifying functions based on computer vision technology are as high as 75% and 90% respectively. At the same time, the increasing demand for AI vision puts forward higher requirements on the industry chain. The algorithms, solutions, and hardware will be interlocked tighly.

Voice assistant is a specific manifestation of artificial intelligence’s applications. The initial form of “artificial intelligence” is voice assistants; in particular, AI can become more intelligent and more practical through continuous learning and integration of services. AI voice assistants are used in smartphones, which realize intelligent interactions such as intelligent dialogue and instant question and answer. It helps mobile phone users solve various problems.

In 2023, the penetration rate of smartphone AI assistants will reach 90%: AI voice is the second-largest smartphone application after AI vision. In 2017, only 36.6% of smartphones sold globally were equipped with AI Voice assistants, and in 2018, this number reached 47.7%;

Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2023, 90% of smartphones in the world will be equipped with AI voice assistants. It shows that smartphones equipped with AI voice assistant functions have become an increasingly popular development trend.

1. The quality of the algorithm model

2. The quantity and quality of training data

The current deep learning still relies on the big data model based on statistical significance, which requires scalable data, satisfying the real and sufficiently balanced distribution.

In other words, the amount of data and the quality of the data used in algorism training can play a decisive role.

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