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Android Dev Challenge: Jetpack Compose

With the release of the beta of Jetpack Compose, Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI, an Android Developer Challenge was announced. There were four weekly challenges which involves using Jetpack Compose to build Android apps. I decided to join the contest to check out Jetpack Compose.


Week 1: Puppy Adoption App

The first challenge was to create a puppy adoption app. It must have an overview screen with list of puppies and a details screen for each puppy. I made a simple app and got the images and details from BC SPCA. At the bottom of the details screen, I added an Adopt button that opens the link to the dog’s details page on BC SPCA.

Week 2: Countdown Timer

Week 2’s challenge was to create a working countdown timer. I made a simple app where users can set the hour, minute, and second and display the time remaining. They can also stop the countdown and will be brought back to the “input” screen. Once the timer runs out, a “Time’s up!” text will be displayed too.

Weeks 3–4 and beyond

The third challenge was divided into three rounds. However, winning requires implementing the provided mockups and submitting the app the fastest. Thus, I decided not to participate but to work on the designs later. I also wasn’t able to join the final challenge in time.

Participating in the Android Developer Challenge was a good experience for me. I was able to learn and try Jetpack Compose in an app. I’ll continue studying it later and maybe I can use it in a project soon.



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