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Animated Tile Sprites

Objective: Create an animated tileset.

We’re going to create a waterfall made of animated sprites. We begin by slicing our sprite sheet as normal.

Go to Create → Tiles → Animated Tile.

Now we’ll set the Number of Animated Sprites to match the amount of sprits in our sheet (in this case, 30). Unfortunately, we have to set each sprite individually — we can’t just drag them all over (as of Unity 2018.4, at least).

We’ll do this three times: Once each for the left, center, and right side of the waterfall.

Next we’ll create a new Tile Palette, drag our three animated tiles into it, and enter Edit mode to reposition them.

Now we’ll create a new tilemap and paint with the tiles. We’ll set the Color Alpha of this tile map to give the waterfall some transparency.

Finally, we’ll adjust the animation speed of our three animated tiles to 30 frames per second.

When we play our scene, we’ll see the animated waterfall!



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