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AR in Unity with Vuforia

Objective: Install Vuforia in Unity.

It’s easy to add AR (augmented reality) to our Unity projects! We’ll begin by downloading the Vuforia Engine Unity package and dropping it into our project (

Next we’ll create a Vuforia Developer account (it’s free!), then go to the License Manager and create a new license ( I called mine “ARFun”.

When we click on the license we’ll be given our License Key. We’ll need this long string of text in just a moment.

Back in the Unity Hierarchy, we’ll create a new Vuforia AR Camera. We can disable any other cameras in the scene.

In the AR Camera’s Vuforia Behaviour component, we’ll click Open Vuforia Engine configuration.

The Vuforia Configuration window will open in the Inspector. We can paste our License Key here.

Back in our Hierarchy, we’ll create a new Image Target.

In the image target’s Image Target Behaviour component, we’ll change Type to From Image, give our image a name, and drag our image into the Image box.

In the Hierarchy, we can attach game objects as children under the image target. In my case, I attached an animated skeleton to the image target. When the AR camera recognizes the image in the real world, it will render the attached children in relation to the real-world image!



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