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Artificial intelligence in mobile phones

Please put aside the inherent prejudice that artificial intelligence is a humanoid robot. Let’s first take a look at how many magical features of AI are hidden in smartphones that have become a part of everyone’s life. Many people may not realize that AI technology is already the core driving force of many applications on mobile phones:

When traveling by taxi, using artificial intelligence algorithms will not only help drivers choose routes but also plan vehicle scheduling plans.

While shopping on mobile phones, AI technology recommends suitable products for you.

Artificial intelligence robots are everywhere

Artificial intelligence is hidden underneath. People don’t know that many things are already driven by machine learning systems including language comprehension systems.

Microsoft Xiaobing is one of the most favorite artificial intelligence assistants on mobile phones. Compared with other applications, Xiaobing’s speech recognition capabilities, speech synthesis technology, and natural language dialogue engine are very unique and remarkable.

Strictly speaking, Xiaobing’s intelligence is still far behind that of human beings. Usually, it just looks for answers which are already in the human dialogue database and Internet database. In many specific situations, such as those with more complicated contexts, Xiaobing often gives answers that do not match the questions.

Many other smart assistant applications like Xiaobing

Similar to Xiaobing, in addition to the field of mobile phones, some artificial intelligence has appeared in the e-commerce industry. They start with introducing the product, and the intention will be determined based on the customer’s emotions, and the next round of dialogue will be carried out. What’s interesting is that even though it is a robot, from the perspective of the overall tone, the customer does not feel that it is an artificial call at all.

The communication process itself is very simple

1. Introduce the product

2. Mobilize the verbal technique database to communicate

3. Grab the intention

4. Record registration

Does the above process look like a sales call scene? The basic workflow is the same as the manual. We are seeing more and more scenarios using artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence technology, it is not only efficient, but it can directly screen out clients and facilitate transactions.

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