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These are the top cybersecurity channel list not based on subscribers or the amount of content they produce but on talent and value provided by these awesome people. The channel list is well researched and recommended by professional hackers on Reddit.

As these channels are recommended by other hackers there is no chance of involving vender specific channels McAfee, Sophos, or Kaspersky as these channels only focused on selling something.

we’re living in an era where we’re finally giving value to learning security and the security-related content is freely available to us through platforms such as youtube and other platforms. We should appreciate anyone who’s investing their time in making content for us.

So as always I was surfing Reddit and stumbled upon this post where I found tons of best cybersecurity youtube channels and thought it might be helpful for the people starting in cybersecurity journey. I won’t arrange these channels in order as I find each channel valuable.

John Hammond

Covers: Tryhackme rooms, all sorts of CTFs, Hackthon challenges.

John Hammond is mostly covering TryHackme rooms his demonstration and teaching skills are awesome and his videos are entertaining to watch as this person says he gets himself confused and you can see his brain working in real-time which is a great way to learn from and you can see him finding his ways through.

top picks

These are my personal favorite pics hope you like them too.


I agree with what carl says, “LiveOverlfow goes through the effort to explain the very technical security concepts, and not only that but also goes through the process to get there”, I personally found this channel very helpful and beginner-friendly as he guides you through the process.

This is a helpful introductory video to his channel take your time to watch this.


IppSec is the best channel he mostly covers CTFs and TryHackme rooms. It's the most recommended and channel out there. His demonstrations straight to the point and has awesome teaching skills.

I found these videos very helpful and will hook you to his channel too.

The Cyber Mentor

His channel is very helpful and provides insights into the cybersecurity community.

top picks

These are my personal favorite TCM videos hope you like them too.


top picks


top picks


this is the most recommended channel out there and they cover hardware stuff too!

top pics


top pics

There are plenty of good cybersecurity channels out there I’ll link them down below.

Best channels to learn ethical hacking:

  • kindred security: he explains things such as malware analysis, binary exploit development, etc.
  • bug bounty reports explained: the name says it all
  • hacker warehouse: does hardware hacking tools Unboxing and explains them.
  • DEFCONConference: most of the talks are very informative and detailed.
  • Bugcrowd
  • nahamsec
  • Seytonic
  • The XSS rat
  • Conda
  • Hackaday
  • Black hat
  • Loi Liang Yang
  • David Bombal
  • Cryptocat
  • Day[0]
  • Stok
  • Simply Cyber
  • Hacking simplified
  • NetworkChuck
  • Hacksplained
  • techraj

If you know of any cybersecurity channels that were not mentioned please comment down below.

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