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Best Programming language for Hacking?

Is coding is required for hacking?

Is coding is required for hacking?

There is we important point You do not need to learn programming to become a good hacker, learning programming will actually not make you a hacker. If you learn to program you’ll become a programmer and without the hacking skills, you will not be able to hack anything or test the security of anything instead you should look at the programming as a skill or an add-on that you can add to your existing hacking skills. So you can combine both of these skills and use your programming knowledge when testing the security of systems when writing hacking tools and when exploiting these systems so you’ll be able to read existing code and discover a weakness in it you’ll be able to extend existing hacking tools and add more features fix their bugs if there are any bugs in them or write your own hacking tools. So look at programming as an add-on as a skill to add to your existing hacking skills. This is very very important.

What is the best programming language for Hackers?

You probably think that I’m going to say Python is the best programming language for hackers but in my opinion, I actually don't think python is the best programming language for hackers. Yes, python is amazing if you want to build your own hacking tools because first of all python is very easy anyway as a programming language it’s very powerful and there are so many libraries and plugins that would help with hacking with personal data and with writing hacking tools also there are so many existing hacking programs written in python. Therefore if you know python you’ll be able to buildup on this tool extend them and add more features to them and fix a bug they have any bugs like I said but that doesn’t make it the best programming language for hacking.

Hacking is a huge field it makes it a really good language and in my opinion, the best language for writing hacking tools Ruby, for example, is another great language it’s very easy to use also and it is great for building hacking tools you have the whole meet exploit framework is built in it. Its huge framework is for hacking and hacking and again if you learn it you’ll be able to fix bugs with it if there are any you’ll be able to extend and able to build and add more features to it and even write your own Metasploit modules meet exploit and meet post-exploitation module and so on.

Now let say you actually don’t want to write hacking tools you are interested in learning exploitation development well in that case then you’ll need to learn C because C is a very powerful programming language that gives us low-level access to the system resources it makes it easy for us to manipulate and access the system memory along with other resources that’s why it is very very good when it comes to exploitation development. This doesn’t mean that you can’t access these resources with python and ruby but it just means that C is the best when it comes to that it makes it the easiest and it is the most powerful.

If you want to learn reverse engineering for example then the assembly is a very important machine language and in which version of assembly or which type really depends on the target processor because assembly for an arm is different than assembly for x86 and so on if your goal is to reverse engineer a program that is written in java then you’ll probably need to learn java too and then it goes on for any other language. Now I know I am sounding confusing and it seems like the answer I’m going towards is to learn as many programming languages as possible and that is not what I want you to do I don’t think that’s the right approach towards this instead you should focus on learning programming, not a programming language.

So, learn programming as a skill so when you learn programming as a discipline as a skill and learn how to properly design programs write algorithms to deal with data structures and the different types of statement and the right programming concepts you’ll be able to apply these concepts to any program and language and to any project that you want to build. Therefore the programming language becomes irrelevant and the main thing that you’re learning is the right programming concepts and you can say this to any programmer and they will say Yes I can pick up any programming language within a week and I will be able to write programs with it easily because they already know how to program they already know how to solve problems, they already know how to write algorithms all they need to learn is the right syntax for this new program and language and they will be able to use it to write programs with no problems at all.

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