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Best Ways To Be More Engaging With Your Audience

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Social media provides your audience with instant feedback, which can be both positive and negative. As a marketer, you are always listening for feedback from clients or potential clients in the form of likes, favourites, retweets or even Instagram comments.

If you’re not aware that your audience isn’t engaging with you on social media platforms then it’s time to take some serious action.

Location-Based Marketing Is Rewards For Your Audience

Location-based marketing is quickly becoming popular across all industries worldwide. It is so popular due to the content it produces being able to better engage an audience around current events or trending topics within their local area.

When people are engaged on social media they are more likely to share brand awareness, making this technique well worth the effort to implement and perfect.

You Don’t Have To Be B2B or B2C

In marketing, all businesses are made up of two types: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).

The biggest mistake marketers make is creating content that doesn’t speak directly to their audience, which demotivates them from being more engaged.

When your audience feels as if they have been spoken down to or excluded from a conversation then there’s not much motivation there for them to take action.

It should be about nurturing relationships with your customers, not just selling a product. You can engage by connecting with customers on a personal level or hosting local events based on trending topics or current affairs in your community.

You Have To Know Where Your Audience Is At

It’s never a good idea to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, which is what happens when you run all types of marketing or ads on social media. You can’t expect your audience to engage with something they aren’t interested in just because it benefits the brand.

When you know exactly where your audience is at on social media you will be able to tailor content perfectly for them; whether that’s videos, contests or even giveaways.

You’ll also gain more followers and likes by engaging in relevant conversations instead of having an ad running constantly in the background.

Seven Warning Signs Of Wandering Marketing Direction

1) No Clear Objective: It’s important to have a mission to engage your audience for the long term. If you are not able to clearly communicate what your marketing objectives are or how it relates to your customer, then you will struggle in finding success with social media marketing.

2) Poorly Planned Campaigns: When you don’t have time to plan out well thought out campaigns across multiple platforms then there’s every chance that it will fail at execution. A lack of planning can be detrimental because it doesn’t allow enough time for testing and learning from past mistakes.

3) Not Understanding The Competition: How do you know where you stand when you’re competing against other brands? By reviewing their content and comparing themselves side by side, marketers can ascertain where they need additional support or new ideas.

4) Not Tracking Key Performance Indicators: Social media metrics are key in understanding demographics and regional reach online. Without a proper tracking strategy, you can’t properly estimate assumptions for future marketing goals, which wastes valuable time without the necessary data to back up decisions.

5) Taking The Audience For Granted: When marketers take their audience for granted it will show through lack of engagement or interest from the customers themselves. This is common when brands only run ads on social media platforms but don’t put in much effort engaging with their current customer base, who hold all of the power in choosing where they wish to be engaged by brands.

6) Doing It For The Wrong Reasons: If businesses do not have a sound social media strategy then it’s likely that they are only engaging in social media for the wrong reasons.

If brand engagement isn’t important to marketers then it can lead to them missing out on incredible opportunities, which will make it harder over time to see success with social media marketing.

7) Lack Of Communication Strategy: Without a strong communication strategy in place marketers are unlikely to be able to engage their audience in the right way.

The moment you lose your audience is generally when you least expect or want them gone, so having ways of communicating effectively is crucial in any online marketing plan.

Knowing when and how customers wish to be contacted enables businesses to focus their efforts on where they’re most welcome instead of spamming users without permission.



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